Lying Flat Duck Night Light

Here is a night light that will bring a smile to your face! The HappyBag LED Lying Flat Duck night light is extremely adorable and functional. This squishy, silicone duck lamp features a rechargeable USB design, 3 levels of dimmable light, and a 30-minute timer option. It will give your bedroom a warm ambiance that helps you relax and sleep better.

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When I first entered the realm of snuggle-worthy illumination, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The Lying Flat Duck night instantly brought joy and giggles right into my home. This quirky little duck became my trusty bedtime companion, like a soft, silicone mascot watching over my slumber.

The ease of using the touch controls to adjust the light’s brightness impresses me. And with a 30-minute timer, I could drift off into dreamland without worrying about switching it off. 

Lying Flat Duck Night Light
lighting up your night

The night light offers three levels of adjustable brightness, with my favorite being the warm, cozy setting. Just tap the sleeping duck’s tummy to switch between dim, medium, and bright. I found it ideal not just as a night light, but also for camping and setting the mood for a cozy evening in. 

Moms who breastfeed their babies will also find this night light handy. The glow is so soft and calming!

Lying Flat Duck Night Light
perfect bedtime friend

As if that wasn’t enough, this little gem also doubled up as a phone holder! I can put my phone on its leg. And more importantly, the duck serves as a stress-busting squishy toy! The BPA-free, food-grade silicone, makes it soft, squishy, and safe to play with, even for kids.

Charging it with the included USB cable was a cinch. No more fumbling for batteries in the dark. Moreover, its long-lasting battery life meant it was ready for nighttime adventures. The 1200mAh battery allows this LED duck to light up your night for about six hours. 

Lying Flat Duck Night Light
Gently glowing

The Duck Night Light is undeniably charming and its practicality makes it a hit among my friends and family. I mean, who doesn’t love a multitasking duck? So, whether you’re buying it as a gift or for yourself, prepare to make room for some snuggle-worthy illumination in your life!

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