Penguin Egg Holder

Cooking eggs has never been this fun and easy, all thanks to the Peleg Design’s Egguins! You can use this adorable penguin egg holder for boiling, storing, and serving up to six eggs. It’s not only cute but also super functional. Utilizing food-safe plastic, these penguins can handle the heat of boiling water like a champ. It will be your new favorite kitchen gadget!

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Let me tell you about my recent experience with the Egguins penguin egg holder by Peleg Design! These adorable penguin-shaped egg cookers are not just cute but also handy. 

The quirky penguin egg holder effortlessly allows me to boil, store, and serve up to six eggs in a fun and practical way. 

To cook hard or soft-boiled eggs, you simply insert eggs into the penguin’s tummies. Then, place the whole colony into a boiling pot of water! It will be like the scene from hell, but no worries! These plastic penguins will not feel any pain! 

penguin egg holder
Make every breakfast an egg-venture

Their long handle allows me to place and remove them from the boiling water without hassle. The handle always stays cool to the touch, too. I no longer have to worry about cracking eggs while placing them in the pot or fishing them out with a spoon once they are done. 

The penguin egg holder also comes with a hole at its bottom, making it convenient to drain water and clean after use. Thanks to the food-safe, durable plastic, and BPA-free, it will not contaminate the egg, even with all the heat. This penguin egg holder is also dishwasher-safe.

What I also appreciate about the Egguins is their multipurpose nature. After cooking, I can use them as an egg holder for storage in my fridge. Alternatively, I can use it to directly serve the eggs on my family’s breakfast table. They added a touch of charm to our mealtime!

penguin egg holder
Make every breakfast an egg-venture

With dimensions of 5.78 x 4.9 x 4.76 inches, the penguin holder takes a minimum space. They look fantastic on the counter, fridge, and table. The cute penguin’s design always makes me smile every time I reach for an egg!

All in all, the Egguins by Peleg Design are a fun and practical kitchen gadget. It has made the egg cooking and storage process easier for me. Just keep in mind to use large-sized eggs for the perfect fit. 

If you’re a fan of penguins or simply want a quirky addition to your kitchen, I highly recommend giving this penguin egg holder a try!

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