Plant Propagation Buddy

Passionate indoor gardeners behold! If you need a fun yet functional way to support your growing plants, try Leafriend plant propagation buddy! It delivers on both form and function. These three adorable plant supports come in the form of humanoid leaf buddies. It’s perfect for helping sprouts, stems, and cuttings thrive. Keep your plant propagation station organized and delightful!

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As a plant lover, I can’t help but appreciate the Leafriend’s charming design! Imagine having a cute little creature that patiently supports my young plants. The tiny plant propagation buddy helps my delicate sprouts and stem cuttings grow strong. It also holds them steady. 

And most importantly, it looks so adorable sitting on the edge of the containers. The cute figures sit on the edge of a vase or glass, carefully holding the shoot, cutting, or flower without causing damage.

Plant Propagation Buddy
amazing propagation helper

I’ve often struggled with providing proper support for my delicate sprouts. However, Leafriend’s plant propagation buddy has changed the game for me. Its design hugs the stem, giving better support than traditional plant stakes. I’ve seen my plants, especially young tomato stems, thriving more with these buddies. It’s better than they ever have with support rings.

If nothing else, it makes caring for your plants enjoyable with its heartwarming visual appeal.

Plant Propagation Buddy
turning cuttings into full-grown beauties

Plus, they’re a fantastic way to create mini one-flower bouquets. The little humanoid will hug the flower, like a peony, in place from the edge of the vase. It’ll cheer up a visiting friend and add a pop of color to my home.

The only downside I experienced was that the tiny hands of Leafriends couldn’t hold stems smaller than 1/2-1 inch. However, they proved to be an excellent addition to my indoor grow kit.

Plant Propagation Buddy
organized and delightful


Offering not just functionality but also a touch of whimsy, LeafFriend plant propagation buddy makes the perfect gift for fellow enthusiasts. They will surely appreciate this charming addition to their propagation stations. Trust me, these plant support figures will make the experience of nurturing young plants even more satisfying!

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