Pocket-Sized Telescopic Seat

This portable telescopic seat is a must-have item for those who hate standing in line for hours! It’s also perfect for hikers who often have to catch their breath briefly outdoors. The chair is only as big as a beer can when you fold it. So you can easily carry it inside your bag. And when you find yourself in need of seating, deploy the collapsible stool instantly! It can withstand up to 220 lbs. Now, you can unwind anywhere in style with the telescoping chair!

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As an avid hiker, I know that it is not always easy to find a good resting spot. The terrain is sometimes just too rough for my butt! The Portable Telescopic seat is the answer to that problem! Whenever I am out of breath, I can extend the telescoping chair anywhere on the trail and have a quick rest.

When you fold it, the folding chair looks like a small can! I can easily fit that in my hiking bag. It only adds about 1.5 pounds to my hiking gear, which is practically nothing.

Portable Telescopic Seat
Instant Seat Solution

Even though it is super lightweight, this t-shaped stool is unquestionably sturdy. The strong polycarbonate frame can withstand up to 220 lbs! So, for most people, it should be able to support their body weight.

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I like the telescoping design of this quirky chair. After all, I can easily adjust the height of the seat. The supporting pole can extend between 21.5 inches to 27.5 inches. 

When I fully unfold the pole, it turns into a stool in which I can rest my butt in a semi-standing position. I can lean on it handily and give my legs a chance to rest. It allows me to sit without bending my leg! That way, the blood in my legs can circulate normally. 

Portable Telescopic Seat
Pop-Up Perch Anywhere

The T-shaped stool is by no means the comfiest surface to sit on. However, it beats sitting on sharp rocks! I can also just deploy and refold it in a jiff without putting down my bag.

The base of the pole comes with a grippy rubber. I can use it on various surfaces, even in urban settings. So, it’s not only useful for hikers but also for regular people waiting in line in town! 

In any event, the portable telescopic seat is an essential gadget for any busy individual! It allows us to have a chance of brief respite anywhere on the go!

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