Portable Telescopic Seat

Have you ever waited in a line for so long that you started feeling your legs go numb and head about to explode? Although we can not help you with the latter problem, we certainly have something for your legs in store.

This portable telescopic seat can provide your legs and back with support if you ever need something to lean on.

This portable seat collapses to the size of your typical beer can. This allows you to take it anywhere with you, whether intentionally or just by keeping it in your bag on a day-to-day basis. 

Portable Telescopic Seat

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When you need to endure a long line, wait for a train that runs late, or want to rest your legs during a concert, just take out your portable seat.

The seat telescopically extends and creates a T-shaped pole that you can lean on to give your legs a break. With a rubber grip at the bottom, it can keep still in one place while you enjoy your much deserved rest.

Portable Telescopic Seat

It is even said that such manner of seating improves blood circulation in your legs since you lean onto the pole without bending your knees.

If Jon Snow didn’t bend the knee (yet) you shouldn’t either, right? 

Portable Telescopic Seat

If you absolutely hate standing for hours but have no other choice (like on concerts or festivals), this gadget is the one for you. It is practical, helps you avoid pain, and is small enough that it won’t be a burden.

Looks like this portable telescopic seat is the ultimate go-to summer gadget for both travelers and urban dwellers. 

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