Aerix Turbo-X Drone

The Aerix Turbo-X Drone is the best place to start if you are new to drones. This is nano drone with a size of 42mm x 42mm, it was once known as the world’s smallest drone.

It has four specific features. First, it has three different speed settings. The slow speed is the suggested speed for first-time drone flyers.

You can then increase to a medium speed once you’re comfortable flying it. Remember that flying it from a medium to high speed must be done outside and not indoors. The maximum speed of the Turbo-X is at least 30 mph. 

Aerix Turbo-X Drone

It has a gyro stabilization feature with six axes which allows the Turbo-X to be manoeuvred mid-air. Its handling response is also fast and reliable because of the stabilization technology.

There are also pre-programmed controls in it, such as flips for 360 degrees and even 3D rolls.

To activate 3D rolls, press ‘in’ located at the right joystick of the controller. Move the joystick in any direction to flip or roll the Turbo-X to the said direction.

Aerix Turbo-X Drone

Another special feature is the 3.4 GHz controller of the drone.

It has four channels and creates a unique connection with the Turbo-X in order to minimize any type of interference between the controller and the drone. 

Aerix Turbo-X Drone

It takes 2 minutes for the Turbo-X to charge. After charging, you can fly it for a maximum of seven minutes. Also, the Turbo-X is for kids ages 14 and above and, while flying, please do not directly fly to animals and humans.

Start your drone journey with Turbo-X now!

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