Stinky Bum Fart Spray

Are you looking for a hilarious gag gift that’ll leave your friends and family gasping for fresh air? We recommend the Laughing Smith stinky bum fart spray! And boy, does it deliver on the stinky promise! This potent stink spray does smell like the worst of the worst “bad” gas you can imagine! It’s perfect for catching your unsuspecting victims off-guard and watching their faces twist in pure disgust!

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If you’re looking for a hilarious and potent gag gift, look no further! I recently tried the stinky bum fart spray from Laughing Smith, and boy, did it create an uproar! With just one pump, this little bottle of mischief unleashed a wet cloud of stench! Everyone ran for fresh air in terror, it was such a pandemonium. 

It smelled like someone had unleashed a really “bad” gas attack, and the reactions were priceless! I’m a fan of good old-fashioned pranks, and this one delivers.

stinky bum fart spray
play a stinky joke on friends and family

What I loved is that this stink spray is non-toxic. It gave me peace of mind while pulling off these pranks. It’s easy to see why both kids and adults would appreciate this realistic fart smell as a lighthearted gag gift.

Laughing Smith has truly crafted a boutique joke with Wet Farts spray. The potent stinkiness guarantees hours of laughter and creates memories that will last forever. 

stinky bum fart spray
quick and easy gag

Just a friendly reminder, though! Be careful where you use this spray, as it can be quite overpowering, especially indoors. Use it in an appropriate setting as not all people appreciate fart jokes!

In any case, this Wet Farts spray is perfect for those who love poop and fart jokes. It will undoubtedly become an essential tool in your prank arsenal.

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