Venom Speaker

Are you tired of boring old speakers? It’s time to experience an enjoyable sound and get your hands on the Magnetic Fluid Bluetooth Venom Speaker by YOTEEK. Fusing sound and visuals, this portable Bluetooth 5.1 speaker features a ferrofluid display that reacts to your tunes! The way the fluid moves will remind you of the Venom Symbiote from the Marvel universe! Imagine grooving to your favorite playlist while watching a magnetic fluid art show!

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I just have to share my experience with this magnetic marvel – the YOTEEK Venom Speaker! Imagine a lovechild between your favorite lava lamp and a Bluetooth speaker, and you’ve got yourself the perfect party companion.

This YOTEEK speaker boasts a strong Bluetooth 5.1 signal, providing stable connectivity up to 80 feet away. It offers 8 hours of playtime, which means it can outlast any outdoor party you throw with your friends or family. I can connect it easily with laptops, phones, and TVs!

Venom Speaker
sync with your tunes

But here’s the icing on the cake. The true 360° stereo sound with full bass makes you feel like you’re at a live concert. I may have to be honest that the overall sound quality is not the top of the line. But you do get to enjoy those beats nicely! Gather around, folks; this speaker is the life of the party!

Of course, we can’t forget about the star of the show – the magnetic fluid! This wonder substance dances beautifully in sync with your tunes. It provides a mesmerizing visual experience that will remind you of the Symbiote parasite from the Venom movies. 

Venom Speaker
Pumps out bass that bites

I have to warn you though, that your guests might get glued to the speaker, unable to take their eyes off the flowing ferrofluid. It is life-like! 

In a nutshell, if you want a speaker that can turn heads, throw a party, and make everyone laugh at its intriguing quirks, the YOTEEK Magnetic Fluid Bluetooth Venom Speaker could be just what you need!

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