Glamour Planter Necklaces

Here is a quirky accessory that will help you to feel closer to nature! The wearable planter necklace is a unique take on jewelry. Instead of shiny pendants from precious stones, you get a mini planter in which you can plant precious pants! The Ethel necklace, as it is called, will refresh your overall look. It can also bring a touch of hippie vibe to your style. For outdoor-loving people, the wearable planter necklaces will certainly make their day!

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When I first saw this wearable planter necklace, I thought that it was a joke. After all, wearing a tiny vase pot around your neck is so unusual. But once I saw it myself, I realized that this nifty item is an actual accessory that can be stylish. As a lover of quirky accessories, I couldn’t pass up the chance to own one of these necklaces!

The wearable planter necklace features a round mini pot as the pendant. The designer creates the pot vase using biodegradable plastic utilizing a 3D printer. As a result, it looks smooth and adorably round. 

Wearable Planter Necklaces
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You can order one in pink, light yellow, or light blue. Custom colors may be available if you message the designer about it. Different pot shapes, like polygonal or long oval, may also be available on request!

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The cute mini pot necklace also comes with a vegan cotton string. You can adjust the length to suit your style.

Wearable Planter NecklacesI like that the necklace comes with an artificial plant as part of the launch. It is unquestionably adorable, and you can replace it with an actual live plant if you wish to! You can add a succulent, a simple flower, or a sprout to the necklace. 

It certainly gives whoever wears it a strong druid or hippie vibe, and I absolutely adore that! The longer the plant grows, producing more leaves, the merrier your pendant will be. It is an accessory to get for nature lovers. The unorthodox design will undoubtedly create a buzz around you!

I love how the designer named this cute creation after actress Ethel Merman. Just like the actress, the Ethel vase necklace is the epitome of fun and sophistication! It is an accessory that speaks to people like me who appreciate comedy and quirky flairs!

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