Rapid Raft: World’s lightest Pack Raft

Calling all avid campers and survival experts, boy do we have the raft for you!

Rapid Raft is an incredible inflatable raft made by Uncharted Supply Co. and is the lightest raft that’s ever been made available to members of the general public.

It’s incredibly quick and easy to pack up as it was designed to fulfil a military request that ensures the most rapid deployment possible.

It has the ability to quickly and conveniently re-pack the raft immediately after use.

Though extremely rapid usage and storage solutions may not be essential for your annual camping trip or a day exploring your nearest body of water, you’ll also be incredibly impressed to know that this uniquely designed raft weighs a mere 3 pounds but can take the weight of up to 400 pounds!

rapid raft

rapid raft

That’s pretty impressive and now we certainly know which piece of camping equipment we’d be reaching for first in an emergency! 

rapid raft

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