Rompers For Men

Rompers For Men

Apparently, there’s a new trend bound to burst this summer. We’re talking specifically about Rompers For Men.

If you see a guy wearing a romper (a short sort of onesie) don’t be confused, he didn’t steal one from his girlfriend. He is one of the several thousand people who has invested in and bought the Romphim, rompers for men.

It seems that the Romphim has divided the nations into two groups of people: those who love these new all-in-one garments and those who hate them with burning passion. [wpsm_ads1 float=”none”]

Oh, and there are also some trolls lurking in the background of those two groups producing hilarious memes about this fascinating fashion trend.

Rompers For Men

The Romphim was developed by ACED Design, a group of friends from school who wanted to mix things up in menswear. These particular rompers were apparently designed with style, comfort, and easy fit in mind.

Rompers For Men

Although rompers for men, in general, were around for years (Sean Connery in Goldfinger, anyone?), Romphim has seemingly improved some imperfections of the original design.

Rompers For Men

For example, they’ve added a zipper fly to the romper to save men from stripping in the public bathroom to relieve themselves. 

Romphim also comes with adjustable waste and the size you ought to order is determined based on your waist, chest, and height measurements. [wpsm_ads2 float=”none”]

Rompers For Men

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that Romphim has caused a true craze on the internet. Whether it was a smart marketing campaign, catchy name, or just the sheer viral potential of the idea of rompers for men…It worked!

The Romphim Kickstarter campaign that needed $10 000 to start production has gathered $300 000 and is still counting. Would you be able to pull such an outfit off? 

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