Rubik’s Cakes

Pastry chef Cedric Grolet takes gourmet art to a whole new level with Rubik’s cakes.

Their inspiration comes from the colorful puzzles everyone loved as a kid. They are a delightful assortment of 27 different cakes, each with a distinct flavor.  

The colors go a step beyond the toy’s palette. They embrace all moods and seasons in their elegance. There are whimsical combinations featuring as many hues as the tiny cakes.

There are geometric prisms and cheerful rainbow arrays. Others are more neutral like the glistening gold composition. Each of them is a masterpiece in its own right. 

Rubik's Cakes

These inspired and artsy cakes exhibit so much creativity and playfulness. The visual feast is so enticing that it is so hard to take a bite and distort it.

Rubik's Cakes

But they are inviting and impossible to resist. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, these have got to be the epitome of culinary delights. Dig in and savor the experience or get inspiration for your own creative pastry project. 

Rubik's Cakes

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