Safety Log Splitter

Spare your back some trouble by getting yourself this Safety Log Splitter.

This revolutionary splitter requires no bending or aiming. It’s so easy to use that an actual child could (and did) use it.

This tool comes in a variety of sizes but with each one, you need to follow a few simple steps. Align the spear end tip with the top of the log.

Then grip the handles and slide the driver down repeatedly. This motion will force the spear end into the log effectively splitting it. You can repeat the process as much as you need.

Safety Log Splitter

These simple motions don’t require bending, swinging the axe or getting it stuck. You shove the splitter by mainly using your upper body strength and body weight, sparing your back. On top of that, the splitter doesn’t require any fuel and is easy to store.

Safety Log Splitter

When it gets cold, there’s no need to add to your misery by exhausting your body while chopping wood, right?

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