Self-Driving Smart Stroller

For moms who want to find a compromise between leading an active lifestyle and being there for their baby comes this Self-Driving Smart Stroller.

This Self-Driving Smart Stroller has been designed specifically for urban dwellers and joggers. But with a wide range of built-in features, it can be used on an everyday basis by anyone.

This stroller comes with motion tracking sensors systems and follows you wherever you go. However, when in self-propelled mode, it maintains a respectable distance between you and the stroller so you won’t collide or trip over it.¬†

Self-Driving Smart Stroller

Although the most outstanding feature of this stroller is that it actually can push itself forward, it’s not all it can do. First of all, you can turn off the Self-propelled mode at any time.

Instead, you can opt in for the Power-assisted mode where you maintain manual control over the direction of the stroller but don’t have to put as much effort into pushing it. Or you can simply return to the Manual mode and do all the pushing work by yourself.

Self-Driving Smart Stroller

The Self-Driving Smart Stroller also boasts multiple interesting features, more than 10 to be precise. All of these features can be enabled by your smartphone or smartwatch (on both Android and iOS).

For example, you can turn on a bottle warmer on colder days when it’s close to lunchtime for the baby. You can enable the rocking chair option and put on some lullaby music if the baby is being fussy.

Self-Driving Smart Stroller

Additionally, in case of bad weather or sudden rain, you can always put on the automatic canopy that will shield your baby from the cold. There;s also an anti-theft alarm set in place so you’ll always know that your baby is safe.¬†

Self-Driving Smart Stroller

Parenting is in no way an easy feat. With all the innovation surrounding us on a daily basis, it’s about time we made a step in the direction of updating strollers.

This Self-Driving Smart Stroller can prove to be incredibly helpful for active parents who don’t want to choose between their baby and their lifestyle.

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