Crua Lightweight Hiking Tents

In order to lead an active outdoor lifestyle, you need a lot of gear. For example, if you love going on camping trips with your family you absolutely have to have a tent large enough to fit everyone.

But then you want to go on an overnight fishing trip. Do you take that same tent that is too big and too bulky for you to carry? No, you don’t. You’d need a smaller tent that you don’t even have or keep it hidden somewhere where it collects dust.

But what if we told you that Crua Lightweight Hiking Tents can perform all those roles at once using your camping gear’s potential to the max? 

Crua Lightweight Hiking Tents

In short, Crua is a modular tent system. It’s like LEGO for campers where you can assemble several stand-alone tents to create one big camping mansion.

When needed, you can also take only one or two tents with you. This sort of modularity and convenience makes Crua Lightweight Hiking Tents a must-have when you can rarely be caught anywhere else but the outdoors.

Crua Lightweight Hiking Tents

The Crua tents come in several options. There is a two-person 5lbs (2.2kg) hiking one. You can take it hiking, of course, backpacking, fishing, kayaking or anywhere else where a tent would be needed.

In addition to it, you can purchase a unique Crua Cocoon. This one is heat, noise, and light insulated and is perfect for making a regular tent more comfortable for you to sleep in.

This means that you can combine it not only with the two-person Crua tent but with any other tent that you already possess.

Crua Lightweight Hiking Tents

Last but not least comes the biggest tent that can hold this whole modular system together. Crua Core can be used individually as a spacious 16x12ft (4.9×3.5m) living place for the duration of your trip.

But it can also serve as a dome connecting up to 3 Crua hiking tents, therefore, creating the gigantic tent mansion we have promised you at the very beginning. 

Crua Lightweight Hiking Tents

Why keep buying different sized tents from all over the place if you can have everything in one piece? Create various tent combinations according to your needs or experience each one individually.

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