Self-Stabilizing Robotic Camera Arm

With this Self-Stabilizing Robotic Camera Arm, you will be able to capture amazing footage that will track every movement you make.

This camera arm can have you featured in every frame of the video no matter what you do.

Even though there are such auto-tracking devices on the market they appear to fall short when it comes to rapid movements or going out of frame. This one, however, aims to fix that problem.

In order to have it track you, you need to wear an infra-red tag on your arm. After that, you’ll have your camera’s full attention. 

Self-Stabilizing Robotic Camera Arm

The camera arm will rotate your phone or DSLR camera in order to capture whatever you do.

Thanks to its advanced technology, this gadget can track movements of objects with amazing precision, even if they move at a speed of up to 50 mph, makes it an excellent device for youtube.

Self-Stabilizing Robotic Camera Arm

What’s more, it doesn’t lose the wearer of the tag when he or she goes out of the frame and eliminates jittering when filming by hand. 

Self-Stabilizing Robotic Camera Arm

Whether you are a one-man film crew and need an intelligent cameraman or you tend to film a lot of high-speed footage (skateboarding, parkour, etc), this Self-Stabilizing Robotic Camera Arm is meant for you.

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