Shark Wheel Traction Snow Socks

Sometimes when winter treats us to giant amounts of snow, winter tires on your car might not be enough.

This rings especially true when you live outside the city and the snow stays on the roads long enough to become icy and slippery.

If you face this problem every year, then it is time to suit up your car tires with these Shark Wheel Traction Snow Socks.

These covers can be put over your tires to give you better traction on challenging roads. They have been designed as an alternative to tire chains which can not only be pricey but damaging to your car as well. 

Shark Wheel Traction Snow Socks

The Snow Socks are made out of a patented woven material that gives them a strong external surface. When put onto your car’s tires, they allow for extra traction at speeds of up to 25 mph.

What’s more, after the snow has melted away, you can simply throw these covers into a washing machine and reuse them next time snow come knocking on your door.

Shark Wheel Traction Snow Socks

Driving through a snowy road is challenging at best. So why not start off the snowy season with outfitting your vehicle with something that will make the challenge easier. 

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