25 Wonderful Watermelon Gifts You Should Buy 

The watermelon is very popular in the summertime and many people like giving watermelon gifts to their friends and family during the holidays. The pink hard and juicy fruit is a great symbol of joy and summer spirit, making positive vibes on any occasion. So, watermelon gifts can radiate the same energy for people, especially for watermelon lovers. Imagine the look on your loved one’s face when they open up their gift that is so unique and refreshing. The watermelon gifts are a gift that will do them the favor of their life. 

Whether you are looking for watermelon gifts for kids or adults, this article will guide you with some new refreshing gift ideas. From an adorable watermelon bag and fun watermelon toys for kids to a watermelon inspired gift and stunning jewelry for adults, you will find the best gift idea on this page. Without any further ado, let’s get started!  

1. Watermelon Cosmetic Bag

Watermelon Cosmetic Bag

With an elegant watermelon cosmetic pouch, you can express your love to the watermelon. It has a fun design of watermelon fruit and a simple lettering that gives a statement of a girl who loves watermelon, making ideal watermelon gifts for her. The pouch is also composed of premium cotton canvas, which has outstanding wear resistance and is cozy.

2. Watermelon Mini Backpack

Watermelon Mini Backpack

A mini watermelon bag is one of the most versatile watermelon gifts for kids and adults. It features an adorable 3D  watermelon cut pattern which is printed in the thick polyester fabric. The mini size makes an ideal backpack for kids but still looks good for an adult’s mini bag. Your watermelon lovers will definitely be happy receiving this useful gift.

3. Summer Watermelon Door Mat

Summer Watermelon Door Mat

Welcome your guests in summer with a refreshing touch from the watermelon door mat. This watermelon-inspired gift is a perfect home decor to bring summer vibes from the first step entering the door. Because it is made from polyester with non-slip PVC backing, the adorable door mat is soft to touch and also safe. Your watermelon lovers who love home decoration will surely be delighted with the present.

4. Watermelon Stud Earrings

Watermelon Stud Earrings

Watermelon earrings are charming watermelon gifts for girls. These earrings feature 2 types of watermelon cuts in a cute way. The vibrant red and green colors will make your girl look stunning, which will be fashionable jewelry for her. This sterling silver earring is also hypoallergenic and nickel-free, making it suitable for ears with sensitive skin.

5. Watermelon Fruit Drinking Straw

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If your watermelon loving friends are party animals, then these cute and adorable watermelon straws will be a great gift idea for their next summer party. You can buy them these colorful straws for fun and exciting drinking experiences, perfect watermelon gifts for a summer party. They are also composed of strong, flexible, and bendable food-grade plastic that makes them simple to use.

6. Watermelon Socks

Watermelon Socks

Not only for summer events, watermelon gifts also can be a wonderful choice for Christmas. The combination of red, green, white, and black color in these watermelon socks radiate the spirit of Christmas. Made from cotton, nylon, and spandex fabric, they are also very comfortable, breathable, and warm to protect them on chilly nights.

7. Summer Watermelon T-Shirt

Summer Watermelon T-Shirt

Delight your kids with a great summer outfit for their holiday. The “one in a melon” lettering and a vibrant watermelon are shown in the artwork. Wearing this adorable pattern would be enjoyable at a picnic, party, or summer camp. Made from super cotton, these watermelon t-shirts are ideal for active kids. It is one of the most charming watermelon gifts for kids during summer holiday.

8. Hand Painted Watermelon Mug

Hand Painted Watermelon Mug

Look at how amazing this watermelon mug is! The beauty of hand painted kraft is presented on this ceramic mug. The bright red and green color combination may light up your watermelon lovers’ morning coffee time. Unlike the basic one, this watermelon mug has a modern design, making it one of the most wonderful watermelon gifts for men or women.

9. Watermelon Children Night Light

Watermelon Children Night Light

Wish your watermelon lovers a sweet dream with this gorgeous watermelon night light. The watermelon sliced sign has some LED lights which will bring warmth to their bedroom. As the main lap is turned off, this watermelon light will shine beautifully, giving a purity atmosphere for better night sleep. Your watermelon lovers will surely admire the beauty of this gift.

10. Fresh Watermelon Print Hoodie

Watermelon Gifts

A cute hoodie for watermelon lovers, this is indeed one of the best watermelon gifts for any occasion. This watermelon hoodie comes in a full covered watermelon print, making an attractive and charming appearance. The extra detail of water drops on the fleshy watermelon add another appeal. Wearing this hoodie will make your watermelon lovers be the refreshing watermelon itself.

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11. I Carried A Watermelon Tote Bag

Watermelon Gifts

For those watermelon lovers who often shop a lot, this watermelon bag may be very useful. The tote bag has an attractive design of watermelon cut and funny lettering which will bring a smile on their face. It makes a great shopping bag as they can carry the bag by hand or over the shoulder. This is one of the most practical watermelon gifts for shopping lovers.

12. Watermelon Keyring

Watermelon Gifts

A watermelon keyring will be a fantastic gift for your forgetful friends. It features a bright red watermelon design which is very noticeable from afar, so finding missing keys will be easier. The silage layer within the watermelon keyring gives it stiffness and durability. Your watermelon lovers also can put this keychain on their wrist as an additional accessory to give a distinctive look!

13. Watermelon On Stripes Cushion Cover

Watermelon Gifts

Watermelon pillows always make charming watermelon gifts for those who love home decoration or simply laying on the couch. So, you can give them this watermelon pillowcase for the next summer theme decor. Made from 100% cotton, this watermelon pillowcase is indeed super soft and breathable. The adorable watermelon and stripes pattern will bring good vibes in any room.

14. Watermelon Slice Round Throw Blanket

Watermelon Slice Round Throw Blanket

One of the best ways to celebrate the summer holiday at home is with the soft and comfortable watermelon slice round throw blanket on the couch. Give your watermelon lovers the watermelon round fleece throw blanket to radiate the summer spirit while watching TV on the couch. It has a lovely appearance that resembles the watermelon slice, creating a refreshing vibe in the room. It will be one of the best watermelon gifts which provide warmth and comfort to their home.

15. Smiling Watermelon Stuffed Doll

Watermelon Gifts

A cute watermelon doll will never fail to melt your watermelon loving girl. This doll is constructed of soft, high-quality plush material that won’t irritate skin.You can give this watermelon doll to your little girl as a little company during bedtime, so sleeping alone will not feel that scary. Moreover, the smiling watermelon face makes it a part of lovely and adorable watermelon toys.

16. Watermelon Beach Towel

Watermelon Beach Towel

Surprise your watermelon lovers with this watermelon beach towel for their summer holiday. It will be one of the best watermelon gifts before they spend most of the time tanning at the beach. It features a charming watermelon pattern in a striped background, which will make them stand out at the beach. This towel is also quick dry and sand free, thanks to microfiber material. 

17. Watermelon Lip Balm

SEPHORA Watermelon Lip Balm

Suppose your watermelon loving friends have super dry lip skin this summer, then you can show your care with this gift. The watermelon lip balm is a small but thoughtful gift idea they can bring on the go. The compact size makes it easy to use during traveling. In addition, the refreshing watermelon flavor will light up their day as if eating a delicious watermelon. 

18. Watermelon Fisherman Hat

Watermelon Fisherman Hat

Let your watermelon friends look fashionable this summer with this cool bucket hat. The fantastic watermelon design with vivid colors will make them stand out in the crowd. Made from polyester, this watermelon fisherman hat is super light while keeping it cool under the scorching sun. It is one of the best watermelon gifts for their next cool summer outfits.

19. Fluffy Watermelon Rug

Watermelon Gifts

Another adorable gift idea for watermelon lovers who love home decoration, this fluffy rug is something hard to resist. This premium watermelon-shaped semicircle mat can be placed in many locations throughout their home. Because it is made from 100% acrylic yarn, this incredibly soft watermelon-shaped rug will bring more colors and styles to any room.

20. Funny Watermelon Necklace

Watermelon Gifts

A funny jewelry can be a great gift idea for your bright and cheerful watermelon lovers. Try to surprise them with this funny watermelon necklace to bring smiles and laughter on any occasion. The legendary Dirty Dancing film served as inspiration for the colourpop necklace. It has the well-known phrase “I carried a Watermelon,” which humorously but lovingly accepts uncomfortable teenage feelings.

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21. Watermelon Necktie

Watermelon Gifts

If you are looking for watermelon gifts for men, they you should consider this necktie. It has a charming red watermelon pattern in a navy color base, making it an elegant necktie for him. Because it is composed of premium cotton, this necktie is super comfortable to wear, which will be a perfect fashion item for him at parties. The necktie gift can express his love for his favorite fruit in a cool way.

22. Watermelon Plush Secret Diary Journal

Watermelon Plush Secret Diary Journal

At the first glance, people may not notice that it is actually a diary journal. The durable fur used to make the plush journal cover which is warm to the touch and lightweight. It will be one of the best watermelon gifts for kids to express their feelings and hone their writing skills. The soft cover material is also safe for your kids as it won’t cause any harm.

23. Watermelon Sweets Hamper

Watermelon Gifts

Treat your watermelon lovers with their favorite sweets of their life. This watermelon gift basket offers various watermelon sweets that will delight their mouth and belly. You can customize the size of the watermelon gift basket up to 1kg of packaging. To add the level of personalization, you can add a customized card inside the watermelon gift basket.

24. Watermelon String Lights

Watermelon String Lights

In case Christmas is coming, then let these watermelon string lights bring joy and happiness to your Christmas tree. The thin, flexible wire is made of high-quality copper and is perfect for wrapping around plants to create a cozy, fragrant environment. In addition, the watermelon lights can be controlled easily with a remote included in this gift set.

25. Watermelon Shoulder Mini Bag

Watermelon Shoulder Mini Bag

Let your watermelon loving friends look stylish on the summer holiday with this cool watermelon shoulder mini bag. The size is squeezable, so they can carry it in their luggage while traveling. Made from high quality PU leather and durable polyester lining, it will be one of the most stylish but sturdy watermelon inspired gifts they will cherish forever.

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