Watermelon Keg

This Watermelon Keg is bound to become a drink-dispensing sensation on your next garden or pool party.

Watermelons are great in themselves, but what makes them even cooler is that you can easily turn them into kegs that will hold your favorite beverage and infuse them with delicate watermelon flavor.

This watermelon keg kit is relatively easy to use. Just cut off both the top and the bottom of the watermelon.

Next, hollow it out with a scoop keeping the insides of the watermelon for your cocktail or just eating them on the spot. 

Watermelon Keg

With the help of the included coring tool, you need to bore a hole in the remaining carcass of the watermelon and then just tap it. That’s it. The watermelon keg is ready for use.

Watermelon Keg

Fill it out with juice, lemonade, sangria or any other beverage you’d like to surprise your guests with. That’s the type of recycling that we definitely enjoy – fresh watermelon flavored drinks. Cheers to that.    

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