ShelfPack Travel Suitcase

It’s no secret that no matter how tidily you’ve packed your suitcase your clothes would wind up in complete disarray.

It happens the instant you reach for that one t-shirt you absolutely need to wear that lays at the very bottom of the suitcase.

After that, it’s mayhem in there. Well, if you want to find and pull out the clothes you’ve packed for your trip without causing a mess, this ShelfPack Travel Suitcase would be perfect for the job.

The concept is simple – it’s a suitcase that has built-in shelves. Just unzip it, pull out the supporting beams, lift the shelves. 

ShelfPack Travel Suitcase

 In just three steps you have all your clothes laid out in front of you, neatly organized. It truly is ingeniously simple and makes us wonder why it has taken so much time for humanity to come up with this cool concept?

ShelfPack Travel Suitcase

This suitcase with shelves would especially come in handy for those who don’t like unpacking their luggage in a hotel and prefer to keep their stuff where it belongs.

Plus, if your room for the night doesn’t have any closets or shelves you can at least rest assured that you’ve brought your own with you.

ShelfPack Travel Suitcase

You can fill out the four available shelves with your clothes and save smaller things for the three side pockets.

When you’re done packing the shelves drop down into the base of the luggage making it easy to zip up and venture forth. Additionally, this luggage with shelves is pretty light – weighing at only 14.5lbs (6.57 kg).  

ShelfPack Travel Suitcase

There are quite a few smart suitcases or expandable luggage, but if you want a combination of simple yet convenient ShelfPack is the right fit for you.

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