Simple Shower

Maintaining the same level of personal hygiene when camping can be tricky. But just because there’s no shower on the camping grounds, doesn’t mean you have to forego showering altogether.

The Simple Shower is a small gadget that can turn any 1 or 2-litre bottle into your own personal shower.

The name says it all. The Simple Shower is extremely simple to use but that’s what makes it genius. Simply fill any bottle that’s big enough with water, screw the nozzle on top of it, and enjoy your shower session. 

simple shower

To make your shower even more enjoyable, fill the bottle with water and let it sit in the sun to warm up.

You can use this bottle attachment for lots of other activities while camping. You can wash sand off your feet, put out a fire, wash your dog, and so much more.

simple shower

Still, the fact that it allows you to shower after a long and tiring day spent camping, makes it a must-have next time you are venturing into the wild.  

simple shower

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