Slapsee Wrist Slapping Sunglasses

These Slapsee Wrist Slapping Sunglasses have been designed to easily slap onto your wrist and worn like the 90s slab bands.

How many times you’ve left your sunglasses somewhere outside and have never seen them again? Or dropped them on the ground because you’ve had your hands full?

Or just didn’t know what to do with them when the sun went down?

Well, as they say, the fashion runs in circles so now it’s time to turn to the sweet 90s for some tweaked fashion advice. 

These glasses slap onto your wrist, that has been established. But you can slap them onto anything. Your steering wheel, bike, railings and much more.

Slapee Wrist Slapping Sunglasses

Additionally, the glasses stay in place when you wear them. All you need to do is click them on behind your ears and then go bonkers.

Slapee Wrist Slapping Sunglasses

You can dive into the water at full speed and they’ll stay in place.

Are these glasses the new trend setter? It seems so.. 

Slapee Wrist Slapping Sunglasses

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