Stubby Strip Drink Carrier

The Stubby Strip Drink Carrier can carry up to 7 bottles in one go. What can be more pleasant than chugging a cold drink on a hot summers day? I’d say, drinking seven of them.

Hydration is important, people, so to stay on top of everything you can easily have your favorite beverage on you with this carrier.

Stubby Strip arranges your bottles into a hexagonal shape making the whole carrier as compact as possible. It wraps around the bottles keeping them pressed together so that they won’t escape its hold. 

Stubby Strip Drink Carrier

This bottle holder also is made out of Neoprene which can keep your drinks cool. It is meant to serve as a partner to your bigger drink cooler.

Stubby Strip Drink Carrier

To get the best out of this product, wrap Stubby Strip around the bottles and put the whole set into the cooler.

When it’s time to venture forth, take out your drinks, put them on your shoulder and enjoy your cold drinks throughout the day. 

Stubby Strip Drink Carrier

To make drinking easier for you, Stubby Strip can be taken apart leaving each bottle in an individual cooler “pocket”.

Stubby Strip Drink Carrier

It is hard to imagine where this drink carrier will not come in handy during the summer season.

From camping trips to beach parties to picnics, it will be there for you to keep that beer ice cold. Really, nobody wants to choke on a warm beer and with this unique gift, you won’t have to.

Stubby Strip Drink Carrier

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