The Dude Robe

The Dude Robe is a pretty cool-looking hoodie that actually doubles as a water-absorbent robe.  This product is one of those things that can surprise you with how much sense they make.

Think about it, not many people can rock a robe, but a hoodie is pretty universal in that sense.  But a hoodie won’t manage to get you dry as a robe would.

In fact, putting a hoodie on a moist skin sounds pretty unpleasant. The DudeRobe solves this conundrum in a stylish and practical way. 

The Dude Robe

In short, the DudeRobe is a hoodie lined with an absorbent towel. It soaks up water, sweat, or anything else your skin might be covered.

If you fit into the latter category, you might want to take the shower again or go see a doctor. Or live your life on the edge.

The Dude Robe

This robe and hoodie lovechild comes in several cool styles. There’s one that looks like a classic robe after a nice robe-lifting.

If you lead a more active lifestyle, whether it involves working out in a gym, swimming, or anything else, you might want to take a look at a Quarter Zip Hoodie DudeRobe.

The Dude Robe

You can throw it on after a long workout and just go home while it absorbs all the moisture.  Plus, you can get Dude Robe coupled with sweats or shorts that work on the same principle. It’s the ultimate, comfortable outfit for dudes that you can wear around the house. 

The Dude Robe

There are lots of cool and unique hoodies out there and DudeRobe definitely fits into that category. What guy wouldn’t appreciate such a gift?

The Dude Robe

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