Trillium Triple Tree Hammock

A hammock can be tricky to take especially if your sense of balance is not as great as you would want it to be.

But with Trillium, a triple tree hammock, you can not only stop worrying about balancing your body but also share it with two other people. Who would have thought that a hammock could serve as the ultimate group hang out spot?

This triangular hammock is fit with a three-point tension system. This allows you to attach to three trees without worrying about causing them any harm.

You can then spend hours suspended in the air, having the freedom of movement and an incredible view. 

Trillium Triple Tree Hammock

The combination of nylon and polyester reinforced with over 20 meters of seat belt will have you securely kept in the air.

The triple hammock can be attached to the trees with included 2.5 ton ratchets as well as 18-feet long straps. Its weight capacity reaches an impressive 880 lbs while giving you and your friends 88 square feet of surface to lie on.

Trillium Triple Tree Hammock

You can take it with you on the next camping trip in a handy carrying case. But the camping trips are not the only occasion that allows you to whip out this impressive hammock.

Trillium Triple Tree Hammock

Trillium can be set up in your backyard as a cool place to hang out in for you, your friends, or kids. Take it with you to the park, hiking trip, or festival.

Use it to relax, play games, take a nap or do yoga if you’re up for a challenge. 

Trillium Triple Tree Hammock

Either way, Trillium is one of the best hammocks to invest in if you love having lots of space for yourself or don’t mind sharing it with others. 

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