Water Skimming Balls

We are used to balls that can bounce off the ground. It can be fun for your pets or kids, but for adults not so much. Bouncing off the ground is too mundane and predictable. But what would you say to water skimming balls that can easily bounce off the water surface?

You know how fun it is trying to make flat stones skipping on water. But it is much more challenging than it seems and you can’t exactly play catch in the water with stones.

With these water skimming balls you can play catch in the water, come up with exciting tricks and rules. All of it will make you spend hours and hours in the water, filled with undiluted fun. 

Water Skimming Balls

The secret behind these balls’ “bounciness” lies in the polymer gel and elastane coating. When the ball touches the water surface it flattens out and bounces right off of it.

Your job would be to catch it and since the whole action takes place in the water you can allow yourself to show off some flips and jumps.

Water Skimming Balls

This specific version of water skimming balls can pose a real challenge in the water which means only more fun.

It bounces high and fast making you exercise your reflexes and speed. You can play with it wherever there is water, from an ocean to a puddle. 

Who would’ve thought that small 2.2” balls could revolutionize water games as much as they did? You definitely should check these babies out and forget the lazy and boring hours you’d otherwise spend on the beach.

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