UCO Light-Up Tent Stakes

These UCO Light-Up Tent Stakes allow you to easily navigate the campsite at night, avoiding injury and making the camping trip more trouble-free.

Unfortunately, humans have not yet been granted the ability to see in the dark. Well, you could bring night vision gear with you to the campsite to avoid tripping over something at night. But why go through that hassle if you can just invest in these useful light-up tent stakes.

These awesome camping gadgets glow in the dark, that has been established. Each stake is powered by an AAA battery that enables the glowing with the help of on/off switch integrated into the lens.

The LED light responsible for filling the campsite with light at night can be taken off the stake. It glows with the power of 17 lumens which is more than enough to allow you to easily navigate between tents at night.

UCO Light-Up Tent Stakes

You can use these light-up tent stakes in two modes. One is a strobe mode which flashes light at regular intervals. It can be used for wayfinding or marking a location if you were in the mood for a late-night stroll but would still want to find your camp later.

In this mode, the lights can function for up to 24 hours. On the other hand, the second, area mode delivers a constant stream of light which it will continue to do for up to 10 hours.

UCO Light-Up Tent Stakes

Save yourself some trouble and easily walk through a dark campsite without worrying about your clumsy self tripping over something in the dark and landing onto your campmate’s tent. 

UCO Light-Up Tent Stakes

UCO Light-Up Tent Stakes

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