Slyde Grom Handboards

Slyde Grom Handboards can offer a new level of fun at the beach to both beginning and experienced surfers. What you see here is a hand board which sits at a core of a fun alternative to surfboarding – bodysurfing.

The handboards most obvious benefit is its portability. Instead of dragging all your surfboarding gear onto the beach tripping over yourself, take a handboard with you. 

It’s under 2 ft height allows you to easily fit it into your backpack. If you’re not planning a full-on surfing retreat and just want to tackle a few waves, the Slyde Grom hand boards are the way to go.

The list of handboard benefits goes way beyond the fact that it’s easy to transport anywhere. During handboard surfing, you are situated higher in the water. 

Slyde Grom Handboards

That allows you to go faster and further along the wave you’re catching. The handboard’s maneuverability also lets you steer and guide yourself through water more freely.

Slyde Grom Handboards

You might have actually seen the high-end versions of Slyde handboards on Shark Tank. Now the creators come with a more affordable version of handboards for sale.

Slyde Grom is also bump-free thanks to the durable foam used at its core. So no more worrying about hurting your head on the board for you.

Slyde Grom Handboards

If you want to try out something exciting this summer this might be the answer. Handboard bodysurfing can also let experienced surfers reignite their passion for the ocean. Just give it a try and you won’t regret it. 

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