Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

This Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool generates ultrasonic sound waves to create high-pressure bubbles that will clean your stuff on a microscopic level.

It can be used to wash clothes, veggies, jewelry, razors, baby bottles, or anything else that is tough to clean using a regular sponge.

This gadget is perfect for frequent travelers who want to save money on hotel laundry or need a simple way of washing clothes while camping.

Just put anything you want to clean into a reservoir filled with water. It can be a sink or a plastic basin. Plug the device in and put it in the water with the laundry. 

Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

Add detergent or soap to the water. Set the timer on the cleaning tool, press start, and wait while it does its magic.

More specifically, wait while the microscopic cavitation bubbles it generates break up oil, dirt, and grime stuck in your things. After the cycle is complete, rinse the washed things with clean water.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

This device is smaller and lighter than an iPhone. It uses 40 times less water and 15 times less energy than a regular washing machine. 

Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool

It cleans your belongings on a microscopic level in a matter of minutes. There’s no denying that this is a must-have for those constantly on the go.

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