Underground Beer Holder

Get closer to nature by stashing your booze in this Underground Beer Holder.

Fun and environmentally friendly, pulling a beer tower from the ground is set to be your most famous party trick in the future.

This beer holding tower is extremely cool. Literally and figuratively. While the underground beer tower will have your guests lose their minds, it also acts as a cooler for your beer stash.

So instead of wasting water or electricity, you can take advantage of the coolness of the ground in your garden to chill your beer.

Underground Beer Holder

All you need to install this underground beer holder is a 20 cm wide and 95 cm deep hole in the ground.

Use a post hole borer to dig the hole easily, and trust me the effort will be well worth the excitement from your best friends when you reveal the awesomeness in the ground.

Underground Beer Holder

Insert the tube, let it set by pouring water around it, fill the holder with 15 bottles of beer, insert it into the hole, secure the lid and voila!

You are now about to become a complete legend among your friend’s and they will be talking about the time you pulled cold beer from the ground for many years to come.

Underground Beer Holder

Next time you want to crack open a cold one, let it ascend from the underground with this underground beer holder.

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