19 Incredibly Helpful Baby Apps For New Parents

For parents in this day and age, baby apps for new parents can be a lifesaver. Getting pregnant, having a baby and becoming a parent for the first time are all new experiences, so why not lean on others for some guidance?

They have been through it and can provide valuable advice. Mom and parenting blogs are everywhere.’ Below are the best and most helpful baby apps for new parents available.

You can bring these right up on your smartphone when you need to keep track of something, learn something and I’ve even included one app to help you keep your sanity!

The Best Baby Apps For New Parents:

#1 Herokins App

Herokins App - baby apps

This app takes shared reading with your little one to a whole new level. Most apps like this are just babysitting apps, but Herokins is a bonding and learning app. It allows you to engage in rich dialogue about early childhood milestones while you both interact with activities and comics on the screen.

These stories don’t just entertain our kids (or put them asleep), Herokins creates a discussion and encourages reading comprehension. We feel the real value is in talking about the story and what it means. What’s the moral of the story? Why should you do this, and not this?

#2 Parenting Hero App

Learn to be the best parent you can be through this helpful app, created in cooperation with two well-known authors Joanne Faber and Julie King. Parenting Hero is a role-play app that lets parents practice (and role-play) their responses to common challenges with raising a child.

Your young son has a falling out with her friend. What do you do? Your young daughter wants a puppy but is allergic to dog hair. What do you say? You and your child have conflicting needs. How can you handle this? Parenting Hero has the answer.

#3 RedRover App

RedRover App baby apps

On the go or on the web, RedRover wants to help make parents lives easier by finding them places to go and things to do. It’s a fast and easy way to scroll through appropriate activities in your town and allows you to learn more information right on the app. You can even buy tickets and plan stuff to do before and after that activity. What’s nearby, what’s happening – RedRover knows.

Other parents can even add their ‘2 cents’ to the app to make it even more helpful for others to find the perfect activity when visiting a new town. Unfortunately, right now, RedRover is only available in New York City, Boston, Hamptons/North Fork and San Francisco. They have announced 11 new cities they will be available in soon. You can see the full list here.

#4 White Noise Baby App

White Noise Baby App

How can you be a good parent if you’re getting no sleep. If your child is keeping you up all day and night, you simply won’t be yourself. It’s one of the most important things as a new parent. Find a routine for you and the baby that allows you to get sleep!

White Noise Baby is a simple, yet effective app for any new parent. It plays sounds and music that will help your baby sleep. Just turn it on and wait for the results. If your baby wakes up and starts crying after 20 minutes, the app will detect crying and turn on to play sound to get the young one back asleep. The rattle can help get your baby in the sleeping mood, and the app also provides tips on how to get your baby asleep.

One of the best features is the sleeping and safety tips for parents to look out for. There’s things even experienced may not know that this app tells you about quite clearly. Those facts, along with the ability to help your baby (and, in turn, you) sleep better: this app is a must have!

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#5 Baby Connect App

Baby Connect App

This app is perfect for staying organized as a new parent. Baby Connect will help you keep track of feeding, diapers, sleep, moods, activities, medicines, photos and more. It’s a must have for any new parent!

Through graphics and charts, you are able to stay on top of important things like what time the baby mostly sleeps, when you usually feed him or her and their moods.

You can add several different to an account, so no matter if Grandma or a babysitter is watching your young one, everything can be tracked. Everything is synced and can be viewed in realtime on the app, or on the website Baby-connect.com!

#6 Glow Baby App

Glow Baby App

Some say the first year of a baby is the most important year they’ll ever have. Well, this app was created with that thought in mind – and to make the parent’s life easier!

Glow Baby helps you learn about and track ‘Year One Milestones’ through the app. The first time he/she stands up, the first tooth, the first word. Track it all in the Glow Baby app.

This app also allows you to track diaper changes and feeding, among other things. They make it fun, though, with colours and images associated with each parenting task, so even changing a dirty diaper can be a thrill!

Glow Baby also lets you view charts on your baby’s trends and get helpful tips everyday as well!

#7 Tinybeans App

Tinybeans App - baby app

The baby’s grandparents live across town, your brothers live in another state, there’s cousins in another country – and they all want to stay involved in your baby’s learning and growing. And you can’t post 50 images a day on Facebook. You’ll be labeled the insane parent!

Tinybeans is your own social media channel where you can post pictures and videos whenever you’d like. Those added to your channel can view and comment as they please! Only those invited to your channel by you will see the updates.

It’s easy to go back and look at old memories to with Tinybeans calendar-type layout. So don’t be labeled the crazy parent, just get Tiny beans and bring all your social activity there!

#8 Kinedu App

Kinedu App - baby apps

Baby Brain Development. It even sounds extremely important – and it is. Kinedu helps with that!

This app provides fun and age-based daily activity ideas to do with your little one. Each activity targets a different area for development and helps your baby reach the next milestone. Every activity is personalized and is always updating. There are currently over 1000 early stimulation activities and over 200 articles.

The Kinedu activities cover the Physical, Cognitive, Linguistic, Social and emotional development areas, as well as health and wellness. Just download, punch in some details and you’re on the road to helping your baby’s brain develop

#9 Baby Bundle App

Baby Bundle App

This app labels themselves as the ‘Essential One Stop Baby App’, and I don’t disagree. Baby Bundle can be all of these things (and more) for you: Monitoring Tool, Health Reference, Baby Monitor, Growth Tracker and Activity Feed.

This app is created by two brothers, Nick and Anthony von Christierson, to create a one-stop mobile shop for parents battling their way through the first two years of a baby’s life. The app was launched in 2014 and was selected by Apple as an Editor’s Choice app. The Baby Bundle team is always working to enhance and better the app for parents.

This app is not available on Google Play, only on iOS.

#10 CareZone Mobile App

CareZone Mobile App

Health and Medical information is very important. As you begin your journey as a new parent, I hope we can both agree on that. Well, the CareZone Mobile app helps you with that part of, not only your baby’s life, but your entire families.

In the Journal section, you can document symptoms for easy reference during doctor’s appointments, as well as share updates privately with family, friends and specialists. The Calendar helps you keep track of appointments, while the contacts section safely keeps all your emergency numbers for doctors in one place.

itunes.apple.com/us/app/carezone-health-organizer/id829841726?mt=8(opens in a new tab)

Whether it’s creating a complete list of medications or staying on schedule with when to give your child a certain prescription – CareZone Mobile can help!

#11 Today’s Parent My Family App

Today’s Parent My Family App - baby apps

You can receive personalized parenting news each and every day with Today’s Parent My Family app. Whether you’re pregnant or a new parent – this app is for you. Just tell it what stage you are at and the app becomes personalized to your needs.

You can create a Storybook in the app as you capture pictures and videos, and you can share it with family and friends. Keeping track of naps and feedings can be done in the app, as well as thinking of baby names (if you’re in the pregnancy phase) and helping with potty training. It’s all there!

To get an idea on some of the content you’ll find on the app, visit Todaysparents.com today.

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#12 PBS Play & Learn App

PBS Play & Learn App - baby apps

Here’s an app that both you and your little one can benefit from. The app helps your child build its natural curiosity about its everyday world and encourages dialogue between both parent and kid.

The PBS Play & Learn app comes with 13 interactive games that adjust to the child’s level, as well as provides a variety of methods used to build early math and literacy skills. The app is completely bilingual between English and Spanish and provides parents with teachable moments for each activity. Because it is updated regularly, the app continues to provide fresh activities and games.

#13 Huggies Pull-Ups Big Kid App

Huggies Pull-Ups Big Kid App

The best thing about the Huggies Pull-Ups Big Kid app is the inclusion of Disney characters. Well-known characters from Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Cars and Mickey Mouse will catch the little one’s eye right away.

Huggies has done an excellent job on this app. It’s loaded with tips, tools, advice and more to help you prepare and celebrate for every big milestone. The app will celebrate with your young one every time they successfully go to the potty, encouraging them to succeed. Other games keep your child having fun, as well as videos & songs. You can even award him/her with a sticker when they do good.

But the best part is the phone call feature: if your child makes it to the potty, you can have a real Disney character ‘call’ them to congratulate them! How fun is that!

#14 Baby Nursing App

Baby Nursing App - baby apps

Here’s an app to track just about everything with your baby. Nursing, growth, diaper changes, doctor’s visits and way more!

The Baby Nursing app is a free, easy-to-use app that’s best feature is the useful information it can provide on just about any situation you’ll face with a child. It will even help you keep track of how much you have fed your baby. Graphs and charts make it all easy to read and understand.

Apps can be synced between spouses, friends and other family members so, no matter who is looking after the little one, the info will be there. All your data is backed up online so you’ll never lose it!

Parent’s love how easy Baby Nursing is to use. It’s simple and straight-forward, but includes all the features you’d need so you’re not changing between different apps.


Mini World Block Art

Being a parent is hard, stressful and exhausting. Don’t forget to have some fun and be a kid yourself. I am obsessed with this new free app called Mini World, where I can live in a fantasy 3D world and play along with friends. It’s simple and relaxing and can help me enjoy the simple things while I’m at home with a toddler!

#16 Baby’s First App


Let’s create a fun and exciting first learning time with the baby. Through this app, the babies can learn the alphabet and number in a fun way. Colorful, intuitive, and easy listening sound will make learning and playing become your babies favorite time. Also, you can collect up to 25 virtual stickers there. The games such as memory games, shape galore, and animal puzzles will swipe away the boredom since you can switch from one game into another. Download now.

#17 First Words Baby Flashcards US

First Words Baby Flashcards US

It is time to introduce the first easy and common words for the baby with this app. The colorful and fun flashcards will help the toddler and kids learn to speak like adults. Complete with the pictures to improve their understanding about the word they see. It is established by the expert, hence it fits well for your toddler and kids development.

#18 Parenting Tips

Parenting Tips

This free app for your parenting needs are the best helper. You may download it and read the simple yet practical tips to face the parenting world. Some people underestimate that parenting can be learned by doing only, they have not realized yet that parenting needs a helpful guide. So raising the children can be memorable for the parents and the children as well.

#19 Music instruments for kids

Music instruments for kids

A free and easy way to introduce your kids with simple and fun music instruments. Let’s see how they sing and dance attractively. Learning the music instruments helps the kids understand words faster and improve their memory skills. The plus feature about this app is it can run offline, so your kids can play it anywhere they want. Select their favorite music instrument and let them dance.

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Well, there you have it.

19 helpful baby apps for new parents, and one app to help you keep your sanity! Of course, there’s many other baby apps for new parents out there, but these are a few we really dig!

Don’t forget, if these baby apps can’t solve your problem, there’s parenting (or ‘Mom Blog’) out there that can! Being a new parent is hard enough, don’t feel ashamed to lean on some advice from parents who have been there.

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