25 Best Books for New Parents that Truly Helpful

Being a parent is the challenge that one should be ready to take when deciding to have a child. In fact, it is even more challenging for first-timer parents. Ready to be parents does not only mean financially capable, but also mentally prepared. The psychological aspect could be earned when you’ve had enough experience in life or reflecting on your own parents or grandparents, or any household around you. Nevertheless, this still leaves you nervous when you enter a new stage in life, which is the parenthood stage. Learning more through some best books for new parents might be helpful in terms of being the navigation system for your new exciting journey.

You might be nervous when entering the parenthood stage for the first time, so finding the best books for new parents from the many parenting books available would be a wise choice. However, it’s not that easy to find the helpful and perfect one that suits your parenting style. But you shouldn’t worry too much, because we’ve compiled some best books for new parents that will be really helpful, as listed below.

1. BABYC: The A to Z Life with a Baby

BABYC: The A to Z Life With a Baby

As having a baby means a new stage of life, you would expect some difficult situations as parents. Meanwhile, parenting books with only words as a guidance is not usually helpful to anticipate those kinds of situations. This book by Linda Toigo might be the best book for new parents. It offers helpful illustrations of having a life with a baby, which help you to recognize the situations and solutions you might face in parenting.

2. Pregnancy & Newborn Baby Planner 

Pregnancy & Newborn Baby Planner

Are you a first time mom and not sure what to do once your baby is born? We got you covered! Step one: have a planner such as this Pregnancy & Newborn Baby Planner. This planner makes it easier to list all the things you need or to do during pregnancy until the baby is born, thus making it one of the best books for new parents. By doing the listing, you are one step ahead to prepare all the necessities before the baby arrives. 

3. Thriving with ADHD Workbook for Kids

Thriving with ADHD Workbook for Kids

ADHD or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is considered as one of the mental disorders affecting children. But, the right tool can make children think positively about ADHD, such as this “Thriving with ADHD Workbook for Kids”. The book features 60 activities to help children self-regulate, focus and succeed. It’s helpful for new parents with ADHD children to provide activities that help the child with self-control, tasks organization, and also making friends.

4. Activity Quiet Book for Baby

Activity Quiet Book for Baby

As your baby grows older, they would need to train their motoric skills. This activity book could be the best books for new parents to train their baby. The soft fabric materials used are not harmful for children, so your baby could play safely. Also, as the main purpose of this book is to give them those early motoric skills, it could be a perfect choice to keep your baby engaged. 

5. Personalized Children Story Book 

Personalized Children Story Book 

Learning to read a story for your child for the first time? Why don’t you tell them a story where the main character is your own child? This personalized children story book offers you a personalized story where you could request your baby’s name as the character, their storyline, etc. Not only would it be meaningful for you as their parents, it would also be meaningful for them when they grow older. 

6. My First Colouring Books

My First Colouring Books

As your child grows, the time will come when you need to train their creativity. And This coloring book could be the best book for new parents who want to teach more activities such as coloring. This could also be a medium for you to introduce animals and colours. Don’t worry if your children picked an unfitting colour for a certain object. That’s how creativity is trained, after all. 

7. The First Five Years

The First Five Years

This is another keeping-track-book you might need. Not only for your baby’s first year tracking, this is for the first five years of your baby’s life. It can keep track of when they first started to crawl, to walk, and to say their first word. That would be a momentum to embrace and keep forever in this book instead of posting on social media. Also, you can still keep track of how fast their growth is. Definitely one of the best books for new parents to record their children’s growth.

8. Surviving the Loss of a Child

Surviving the Loss of a Child

We get it. There’s a point in your life when you really want to be a parent. But there’s no denying that sometimes, things become unfortunate and you lose a child. You are mentally broken and lost in deep thought of ‘how it would be if….?’ This self-help book is meant to help you to survive that period of time, and how you would mentally prepare again the next time you’re about to be a parent.

9. “Toxic Parents” Book 

“Toxic Parents” Book

Are you worried about being a parent(s) because you have a traumatic experience with your own parents? Here’s one of the best books for new parents. This book would be the best books for new parents to help overcome their past of having toxic parents and prepare you so you won’t be the same parents as they are. That way, a parent can confidently raise children in a healthier environment. 

10. The Ultimate Toddler Activity Guide

The Ultimate Toddler Activity Guide

Aside from colouring, here’s a book that gives ideas of what to do with your child. With 200 recommendations of engaging activities for children, you surely would not be running out of ideas or have no idea what to do to keep them focused. One of the best books for new parents to list down activity ideas they can spend with their children.

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11. The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Here’s classic book recommendations for bedtime stories. The “Tale of Peter Rabbit” is a children’s book written by Beatrix Potter, along with its illustrations. This fable story of Peter the rabbit offers a not so complicated story that would be an easy read for you to read to your children. This would be the best books for new parents who’d like to pass fable stories to their children

12. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web

Another fable storybook to add to your children’s reading list when they are able to read. This is the story about a friendship between two animals, “Charlotte the spider and Wilbur the pig”. This book might be the best book for new parents who want to teach some values to their children, such as friendship and tolerance through differences in nature. 

13. Puzzle Odyssey Maze Adventure

Puzzle Odyssey Maze Adventure

Learning Greek mythology while playing sounds like a good idea to play, learn, and read with your child. The main character of this book, Odyssey, was known as a Greek hero who helped the Greeks to win in the Trojan War with his idea of bringing the wooden horse to the enemy. This “Puzzle Odyssey Maze Adventure” book could be a nice introduction for your child in learning mythology, it is filled with games to engage your children.

14. Heroes With Heart

Heroes With Heart

Heroes are not only found in myths. They also exist in fairytales. As a parent, especially when you have a boy, teaching them various heroic values in fairytales seems like a good idea. This book could be one of the best books for new parents who want to introduce heroic stories to their children. It provides you with numerous fairytales for a bedtime story about heroes. 

15. A Pop-Up Book of Nursery Rhymes

A Pop-Up Book of Nursery Rhymes

A pop-up book usually is good for children’s stories. But, do you know that it can actually be used to teach your children songs? This book could be the best books for new parents when it comes to teaching your children some old classic nursery rhymes. This book makes teaching easier with this eye-popping book.

16. Dad’s Playbook

Dad's Playbook

Mom is not the only parent in a household. Dad also plays an important role in parenting. This one will be the best book for new parents, especially for a first-timer daddy who has no idea or unprepared how being a father works. It might offer you some wisdom about fatherhood, thus making it one of the best books for new parents, for the dads in particular.

17. My Family Cookbook

My Family Cookbook

Some of you probably think ‘Seriously? A cookbook?’ But, why not? It is always a good idea to explore what you children like (and don’t like) by having a bunch of recipe books in your household. Not only it helps you to find out your kids’ favourite, it can also familiarize your kids’ taste buds to a healthier home cooked meal.

18. The Single Father Book

The Single Father Book

Being a single father might be a whole different challenge. You probably can’t do a cleaning job as good as a woman. You might not be able to balance your time between work and time for your kids. Even though that doesn’t sound good, you can always improve yourself, including being a single father. This book could be your guide into being a good single father without a partner. 

19. How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t with Your Kids

How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t with Your Kids

Yes, there are times when parents lose their patience. Sometimes our kids get too hyperactive and unable to calm them down. Sometimes you get tired but you still need to babysit. If you recognize these symptoms, you might have baby blues. But worry not, these are the best books for new parents to help build your patience as a parent. 

20. Oh Crap! Potty Training

Oh Crap! Potty Training

Potty training is a major milestone for toddlers as they start to use the toilet correctly. We can’t just expect our child to be trained once and they would make it a habit in an instant. They are children, after all. But here’s a guide on how to train your kids to make a new habit to use the potty. This one is surely the best book for new parents to later teach their growing kids.

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21. The Essential Sex Education Book for Parents

The Essential Sex Education Book for Parents

Oh no! Your kids are in puberty! They’re teenagers now and you don’t know what to do! Don’t worry, we got it. Here’s a book recommendation on how to teach your children about sex education once they’re teenagers. This book might help you on how to introduce about sex to your kids in an educational way. That way, your kids would have a healthy environment and relationship when they have come of age.

22. The Montessori Toddler

The Montessori Toddler

Curiosity is a natural and human thing. But for some kids, having too much curiosity might mean homework for their parents to balance between their curiosity and responsibility. This book offers guidance on how to raise a curious child while maintaining their responsibilities. It would be wonderful to have your kids creative and responsible at the same time, right?

23. Parenting in the White House

Parenting in the White House

If you watch classic movies or series, you will find many expectations a parent puts in their daughter to be a respectable woman (and marry rich, preferably). This book here provides you an insight of a father on how to raise your daughter to be an empowered and respected woman in modern demands. 

24. Color & Learn Easy Italian Phrases

Color & Learn Easy Italian Phrases

There’s nothing wrong in teaching your kids to speak multiple languages from such a young age. In fact, young age is the perfect time to start building your kids’ vocabulary in different languages. This book does not only teach your kids Italian, but you can learn it together with your kids too! It could be useful when you and your kids take a trip to Italy. Who knows?

25. ADHD: What Every Parent Needs to Know

ADHD: What Every Parent Needs to Know

Have your kids ever can’t sit still, or have a short span of attention? When you recognize these symptoms, your kids probably have ADHD, thus making them difficult to learn. This book could be your guide on facing the truth about ADHD. It might contain useful information on how to deal with ADHD kids and understanding how they learn in uncommon ways.

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What books should first-time parents read?

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