25 Awesome and Useful Gifts for Second Baby

Being a parent is a very fantastic role. Nevertheless, the experience becomes a challenge when you expect a second baby. Raising two children is very difficult indeed. Suppose your friends or family is experiencing this situation. In that case, you can support them by getting them unique gifts for their second baby!

However, finding an excellent gift to celebrate a second baby may not be simple. There are various things to consider. Fortunately for you, we have come up with the following list that will help you with your gift shopping! Let’s check them out!

Useful Second Baby Gifts for Mom 

The following items will be excellent choices to celebrate the special day of welcoming the second baby. We have selected products that will specifically help the mother.

1. Letters to the Baby

 Letters to the Baby

You can give this set of letters to parents who are expecting a second baby. This item will be a very meaningful gift because the parent can pour all their emotions into it. The note itself can be given to their kids once they have grown up.

2. Egg Necklace as Gift for Second Baby

Nest Egg Necklace

Do you know that this gift has a beautiful meaning behind it? It is a special necklace that features a unique pendant. If you look closely, the pendant contains two amazonite pearls inside it. It symbolizes the mother and her children. This accessory uses high-quality material and is crafted by skilled artisans.

3. Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set

Mother _ Daughter Letter Book Set

This unique letter book set will be an excellent present for a mother expecting a second daughter. The mother can compile inspirational messages to her child into the book. Then, she can give the letters compilation to the child once the daughter has grown up. They can also exchange, share, and treasure the messages. This set includes 40 emotional cards, perfect as a long-term gift.

4. Book for Mother Who Expects a Second Baby

The Second Twelve Months of Life Book

Raising the first baby is a very challenging experience. Now, your friends who expect a second baby will have to prepare for another extreme challenge. The second twelve months worth of parental tasks await! For them, you should buy this ‘Your Baby’s Growth Month by Month’ parental book. It will provide parents with tips and tricks to deal with trick parenting situations.

5. Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement Digital

With this unique digital pregnancy announcement, you can help your friends share the good news on social media. Ask the seller to design a custom digital announcement for your pregnant friend! The image will fit for social media posts, and it will be lovely because you can order a funny quote along with it. Furthermore, you can have the picture printed as a physical baby announcement.

6. Second Time Mama Mug

Second Time Mama Mug

This personalized mug can be an excellent gift for a mom who expects a second baby. It features a funny phrase that says ‘Mama Again’ for a second time. Pregnancy must be challenging, but you can help the mom ease her stress with the humorous mug. She can enjoy her favorite beverages in style with it!

7. Engraved Wooden Coin

Engraved Wooden Fun Coin for Decision Making

Parents have to face never-ending challenges. However, raising a second baby will be easier if the mom and dad take turns. They can decide their turns to take care of the baby in a funny way with this novelty coin! One side of the coin says “mom’s turn,” and the other says “daddy’s turn”. They can flip it and find out who needs to do the chore this time!

8. Parents Relaxing Pamper Set

Parents Relax Pamper Set

It takes a lot of time and energy to raise a second baby. This vegan and organic bath set will be ideal for rewarding parents experiencing that ordeal. The pack includes rose geranium, grapefruit bath fizz, and peppermint lime foot soak crystals. The mom and the dad can take turns to pamper themselves and relax.

9. Welcoming Your Second Baby Book

 Welcoming Your Second Baby Book

Welcoming a second baby is just as exciting as the first one. After all, celebrating a new life is always beautiful. You can help your pregnant friend to be more prepared with the second baby with this book, titled Welcoming Your Second Baby. The book tells the writer’s experience about welcoming more children. It also discusses sibling rivalry management.

10. Sublime Baby Silk & Bamboo dk Book

Sublime Baby Silk _ Bamboo dk Book

Get this Second Sublime Baby Silk & Bamboo knitting book for a mom expecting her second child. She could try to make baby clothes with the help of this book. It also comes with 17 knitting patterns that mom could try. The knit patterns are excellent for 0-3 years old babies. The designs are all gorgeous and include detailed photographs.

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11. Pregnancy Journal For The Second Baby

Pregnancy Journal For The Second Baby

This pregnancy journal will be an excellent gift for your friend who is pregnant with her second child. It provides the mother with an outlet to pour her emotion and anxiety. The mom can record the pregnancy journey and take notes for the baby. 

12. Audio Baby Monitor

gifts for second baby

Watching over two small children is very tricky. This Baby Audio Monitor will be very useful to parents who have just gotten their second baby. It will assist parents in monitoring their newborns through sound or digital audio.

13. Baby Monitoring Camera System

gifts for second baby

Audio monitoring may not be enough. Fortunately, now parents can monitor their second baby with a camera system. The camera will work even when it is dark. This way, it offers 24/7 monitoring to ensure your babies’ safety. It comes with a 5″ LCD color display and speaker so parents can speak remotely to their children through the device.

14. Formula Pro Advanced Mixing System

gifts for second baby

Parents who have just been blessed with a second baby will appreciate this formula mixing system. Making formula milk can be tedious, especially when babies throw tantrums. This mixing system will help parents to overcome that situation. It will automatically mix, dispense, and warm the formula.

Gifts For The Second Baby

The following presents will be suitable for the newborn second baby. These items will provide them with comfort!

15. Little Dumpling Booties

gifts for second baby

If you are looking for a cute gift for your second child, these dumpling booties might be a perfect choice! It is handmade using quality soft wool, so it will be comfortable. This item is designed to resemble dumplings very closely. It even comes with the dumpling basket container!

16. Baby Footprint Kit

gifts for second baby

This adorable footprint kit will be a unique present to celebrate the second baby! The kit includes a lovely penguin drawing and ink pad for the baby. You just need to stamp the inked baby’s to the picture, and voila! You get a unique baby footprint that will make an excellent wall hanging

17. Soft Book for Infant

gifts for second baby

This Soft Book for Infants will make an excellent gift for the second baby! Parents who just had their second child will appreciate this item too. It is a book made out of fabrics that shows stimulating illustrations. Toddle can use the book to learn about shapes and colors.

18. Baby Food Dinners Puree

gifts for second baby

Taking care of two children will cost a lot. You can help your friend alleviate their economic burden with this baby food pack! This puree will be very nutritious for the toddler. It will also be an excellent first food for the baby. The food is flavorful and does not contain artificial coloring or flavoring.

19. Basketball Baby Bib

gifts for second baby

This baby bib with a basketball motif on it will be a lovely gift for your friend who is expecting a second baby. The bib also includes the word TWO, making it a humorous item. Not just cute, the bib is also functional because it is made using good quality fabric. It is trendy and comfortable at the same time..

20. Personalized Baby Teether

gifts for second baby

Are you curious about what is the best gift for a second baby? Why not try this Baby Teether! It will help toddlers to alleviate their sore gums as their teeth grow. This item uses wood so the baby can chew it safely. Furthermore, it is very durable, and the baby can play with it for a long time!

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21. Storage for Baby Tooth

gifts for second baby

Suppose you are looking for something different for a parent who has just gotten their second child. In that case, get this Baby Teeth Storage Box! The containers come in an adorable design. It provides a compartment to store baby teeth and even their hair. You can keep those things for posterity and good luck.

22. Gift Set For Siblings: Baby & Toddler

Set Gift For Siblings Baby & Toddler

When buying a gift for a second child, you also need to consider the firstborn to avoid jealousy. And so, this t-shirt gift set will be excellent for them! The shirts feature adorable designs, suitable for the big brother or sister and the new baby. The larger shirt says ‘Did we just become best friends?’ and the smaller one says ‘Yep!’. 

23. 4-in1 Activity Mat for Baby

gifts for second baby

This activity mat is a lovely gift for a toddler! It includes a pillow, toy attachments, and a mini piano that can play 70+ sounds and music. Furthermore, they will stimulate the children’s motor skills. It is suitable for 0 to 36 months old babies. 

24. Memory Foam Pillow

gifts for second baby

Babies spend most of their time sleeping. So, you must provide them with comfy padding. This memory foam pillow is an excellent choice to give them the ultimate comfort! The cover is washable, so you can clean it easily.

25. Hush Baby Sound Soother

gifts for second baby

To help the parent to settle down the baby, now you can get this hush baby sound soother. This device produces a comforting sound that mimics the mother’s sushing. It is very relaxing. It can also make other sounds like white noise and calming ocean waves to help the baby fall asleep comfortably. 

Final Thoughts

Having a baby, whether it’s the first, second, or third, will always be a pure blessing for the happy parents. The day a baby was born It is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful days ever. If you know a couple who recently welcomed their second baby, then it’s time for you to get them a wonderful new born gift. The best kind of gifts for parents who just welcomed their second child is a gift that can be useful for the baby, yet can help them to provide the best for the little one. We do hope you can get some ideas and recommendations on what to give for the happy parents. From baby toys to nursery products, we have them all!

latest post:

What do you give for a second baby?

 A suitable gift for the second baby would include a baby monitoring system, a parenting book, and a memory foam pillow. Furthermore, fun items like Decision Coin, Baby Bib, and Storage for Baby’s Teeth would also be suitable to support the parents. These products will make child-rearing a lot more fun and easier.

What should I send my mom for her second baby?

A mother would love to receive something that can alleviate her tiredness. You can give the parents a Relaxing Pamper Set or a Pregnancy Journal as a celebration gift to welcome the second baby. 

What are the best second baby gift baskets?

The best second baby gift baskets should include Shirts Set for Siblings, Baby Teether, or Nest Egg Necklace. Behind all of those presents, they have a lovely meaning. If you have more budget, you can more expensive items like the Hush Baby Sound Soother, Formula Mixing System, and Baby Monitoring Camera System. 

What are the best gifts for a second baby boy?

You can get something more fun for a second baby boy, such as a Furry Feet Baby Footprint Kit or Basketball Baby Bib. Those items have a cute design and will provide you with an outlet to preserve precious memories. 

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