Bulk Butter Spreader

This Bulk Butter Spreader is a handy kitchen gadget that can butter 21 pieces of bread in just 30 seconds.

Offundo can spread butter on bread, baguettes, and wraps in record time. If nothing more, it’s just extremely satisfying to watch.

But if you are in a catering business or just have a huge butter-loving family, you know that this is a game changer.

The magic of this spreader lies in its design. It consists out of two parts – the “hopper” and the “plunger”. 

Bulk Butter Spreader

You can fill the “hopper” with whipped butter, mayo, spread, or hummus. Anything soft enough to get pushed through the narrow opening with the “plunger”.

Bulk Butter Spreader

This device is 11 centimeters wide. It’s the perfect size to cover a whole piece of bread with 3 grams of butter in one pass. No knife piercing through the bread from the pressure.

No chunks of cold butter stuck in the middle and none on the sides. Just a piece of bread evenly covered with an ideal amount of butter. 

If you prefer just a tint of butter on your favorite foods (like popcorn), check out this butter stick sprayer.

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