Chug N’ Plug Keychain

Be the life of every party with the Chug N’ Plug keychain. This handy device allows you to chug beer like a true pro whether you’re in a bar or at a party, BBQ or otherwise.

Come on, chugging beer out of a hole on the side of a can is super fun.

Until you get soaked in beer because of the unsteady stream or, even worse, cut yourself at the edge of the hole. Well, this is exactly what Chug N’ Plug is for.

This keychain consists of the piercing plug and a secure fastening cover. The plug can swiftly pierce the side of the beer can. Next, just open the beer can and start chugging. 

Chug N' Plug

The holes at the sides of the plug provide a steady and even flow of beer.

Chug N' Plug

The cover at the end of the Chug N’ Plug gives you a smooth opening that’s easy to drink out of. Everything taken care of for the perfect chugging experience.

Chug N' Plug

This handy fun keychain comes in a variety of colors. What’s most important, it’s portable design means it will always be by your side whenever the need to chug arises.

Chug N' Plug

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