25 Cowgirl Gifts For Horse Loving Country Girls

What comes to mind when we think of the western American symbol? Western movies and cowboys in action are probably the first things to pop. Other than that, you may also think of cool cowgirls with their distinct style and extraordinary talents. Even though they don’t get as much exposure as their male counterparts, cowgirls have their own community and traits making them probably the most unique girls with the strongest characters.

We all witness how cowgirls and country aesthetics gain more popularity after pop culture icons such as Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus represent country girls’ personalities in a relatable way. After all, aren’t we all a little bit country?

So what to get for the beloved cowgirls in your life when it’s come to gift giving? We’ve compiled a list of things every cowgirl needs. Whether it is for birthdays, anniversary, or holidays, you can always find something unique that will make great cowgirl gifts.

1. Personalized Horse Water Bottle

 Personalized Horse Water Bottle

Doing activities around the barn can be exhausting, and it is very important for our beloved cowgirl to stay hydrated. But sometimes, drinking water is not everyone’s favorite thing to do and with so many tasks they have to handle, they might forget and don’t take enough water. Encourage them to fulfill their daily water intake through this awesome personalizable water bottle. Personalize their name on top of an exquisite horse design and it will be the best cowgirl gift any horse loving girl can get.

2. Cowgirl Boots Earrings

Cowgirl Boots Earrings

A pair of boots is everything every cowgirl needs. But if you think giving them a pair of new boots is kind of predictable, you can surprise them with these cowgirl boots earrings. It looks so cool and cute and perfect for everyday wearing. These earrings will add spices to their casual cowgirl outfit and surely will match with everything. The idea of unique earrings are great as cowgirl gifts, and even non-cowgirl will love to wear these earrings. 

3. Be a Cowgirl Mug

 Be a Cowgirl Mug

In the world full of princesses, be a cowgirl, the mug says. Doesn’t mean to spread the ‘pick me’ or ‘not like the other girls’ energy, this mug is actually empowering on its own. Even though we see cowgirls as tough and talented girls, they often get overlooked and even made fun of. If you know a cowgirl that experiences all of this unfair judgment, this mug can be a great empowering cowgirl gift for them. 

4. Let’s Go Girls Car Air Freshener

Let's Go Girls Car Air Freshener

No road trip is complete without a cute car air freshener. And what is the best car air freshener for cowgirls other than this boots one? This air freshener can be a great cowgirl gift since you can choose your own scent. And once the scent eventually fades it can be refreshed by adding their favorite fragrance oil or perfume to give the air freshener a new lease of life. Very versatile and can add a spark to the car as well. 

5. Cowboy Cowgirl Personalized Cutting Boards

Cowboy Cowgirl Personalized Cutting Boards

A personalized cutting board can always make a great gift for any occasion including for cowgirls. Whether they enjoy their time cooking in the kitchen or not, this engraved wooden cutting board can still make a fun cowgirl gift that is truly unique. Other than serving its main purpose as a cutting board, it can also be a decorative item that will make any kitchen look better. You can customize the names, dates, or message however you like. 

6. Wrangler Cowgirl Boot Socks

Wrangler Cowgirl Boot Socks

Make sure that your cowgirl bestie stays comfortable kicking off their cowgirl boots with these comfortable socks. These socks are just perfect under the cowgirl boots and will also be wonderful when the weather gets cold. The cowboy design is so affordable and stylish that only a pair won’t be enough. You may need to get your beloved cowgirl these socks in every color. 

7. Cowgirl Cowboy Metal Vintage Tin Sign

Cowgirl Cowboy Metal Vintage Tin Sign

Old western movies always bring back some good memories. What if you can live it up again with this beautiful printed metal tin sign? It features a cowboy and a cowgirl illustration in vintage style. The color is very warm that matches the western aesthetic and the print is very vivid so that it will stand out in the room without overpowering the entire decorations. 

8. Child Pink Cowboy Hat with Blinking Tiara

Child Pink Cowboy Hat with Blinking Tiara

Do you remember the television show Toddlers and Tiara? This hat shares the same vibe only this one should be called cowgirls and tiara. This hat is hands down, the best cowgirl gift you can get for little cowgirls. It comes with rhinestones and a blinking tiara. Yes, the tiara comes with LED lights that actually blinks. This hat comes with batteries too. So much fun in a single cowgirl hat. 

9. Horse 3D Night Light

Horse 3D Night Light

No matter if you want to get gifts for little cowgirls or adults, a 3D LED night light is always an appropriate gift to get. We know that lots of cowgirls love their horses and after a long day spent together in the barn, they might as well love to admire the beauty of their horses through a beautiful LED night light. This horse night lamp comes with 6 different color modes and smart touch switch as well as a remote controler. 

10. Cowgirl Baby Cotton Bib and Sock Set

Cowgirl Baby Cotton Bib and Sock Set

Ready to welcome a future cowgirl? These cowgirl bib and socks sets are super adorable and will make the cutest gifts for little cowgirls. These sets can be a baby gift basket filler and complete any baby cowgirl outfit. And best of all, these cowgirl gifts are actually functional that the mother will be grateful for. 

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11. Cowgirl Boots T-shirt

Cowgirl Boots T-shirt

A comfy t-shirt is one of the most important things every cowgirl needs. Due to their massive activities in the barn, the more comfortable their outfit, the better. Hence a good quality t-shirt can always be a great choice when it comes to cowgirl gifts. This t-shirt features beautiful cowgirl boots in watercolor style that will pop no matter what season. 

12. Cowgirl Dangle Horsebit Earrings

Cowgirl Dangle Horsebit Earrings

If a pair of boots earrings are already so cute and represent the cowgirl aesthetic, these horsebit earrings are even cuter. A true horse loving cowgirls will love to get these earrings and they will likely brag about them to their friends and relatives. The dangle earrings are stylish jewelry and the silver material is also very versatile and will suit any cowgirl outfit well. 

13. Cowboy Hat and Boots Belt Buckle

Cowboy Hat and Boots Belt Buckle

Nothing screams cowgirl more than this awesome boots and hat belt buckle. It is very functional and cool making it a nice cowgirl gift that will make a statement. This belt buckle is very bold indeed and will be perfect for cowgirls with bold personalities. It is a way to show the world that they are not afraid and can tackle everything as a proud cowgirl that they are. 

14. Cutest Cowgirl in Town Toddler Girl T-Shirt

Cutest Cowgirl in Town Toddler Girl T-Shirt

We can all agree that cowgirls are cute, but toddler cowgirls are the cutest. This t-shirt will be the perfect gift for little cowgirls you love. It is made out of soft material that is comfortable to wear. The design is vivid and colorful making it fun and cheerful, suitable for future cowgirls to wear during their days running around the barn. 

15. Cowgirl Equestrian Horse Hoop Earrings

Cowgirl Equestrian Horse Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a great thing every cowgirl needs to spice up their appearance. If they can wear dangle earrings during everyday activities, these hoop earrings are also suitable for special occasions. It is enough to make a statement, but not too much. The most unique part of these earrings are the horse features that make them perfect as cowgirl gifts. 

16. Country Ranch Cowgirl Bangle Bracelet

Country Ranch Cowgirl Bangle Bracelet

Want to show your unconditional love towards your cowgirl bestie? Why not get them this awesome bangle bracelet? It is adjustable so it will fit any cowgirl at any size. This unique cowgirl gift features all the things representing the cowgirl’s personality and aesthetic, namely the horseshoe, a cowgirl hat, guns, boot, and horse. Literally the ultimate cowgirl gift in one bracelet. 

17. Farmhouse Style Wood Look Sign

Farmhouse Style Wood Look Sign

Know a cowgirl who loves food just as much as they love horses? Then you definitely need to get them this awesome cowgirl kitchen sign. It comes in a farmhouse style, making it perfect for a barn house. It has a wooden look on it but it is actually made out of metal material ensuring durability for a long time. The style of the sign also reminds us of old cowboys movies so it will be a nice cowgirl gift for western movie lovers. 

18. Cowgirl Western Horseshoe Lucky Charm

Cowgirl Western Horseshoe Lucky Charm

Having to go back and forth between the house and the barn is a common activity done by cowgirls. Make sure they never forget their keys with this lucky charm horseshoe keychain. It looks super cute with rhinestones to add a little blink on their keys. They can also use it for their car key or other keys and they can find their keys easier and never lose them ever again.  

19. Sexy Cowgirl Kitchen Apron 

Sexy Cowgirl Kitchen Apron

This sexy cowgirl kitchen apron will look amazing on top of a daily cowgirl outfit. This apron is made out of high quality anti-stain polyester that can protect their cloth and is easy to clean. The print quality is very good in details making it a fantastic cowgirl gift to get for fellow cowgirls who love to cook. 

20. Breast Cancer Awareness Western Cowgirl Boots Brooch

Breast Cancer Awareness Western Cowgirl Boots Brooch

Caring can be done in style and this brooch is here to prove it. Featuring a cowgirl hat, boot,and a pink ribbon, this brooch spread a beautiful message of breast cancer awareness. It can be a way to show that you truly care and can be a great cowgirl gift for any girl who is struggling with breast cancer or wants to support people with breast cancer. 

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21. Western Cowboy Boot Texas Flag Mini Vase

Western Cowboy Boot Texas Flag Mini Vase

A pair of mini cowgirl boots will definitely make any cowgirl scream in joy. These mini vases will make great coffee table decorations and are actually useful. You can use it as a toothpick holder, pencil and brush holder, or put some faux flowers in it. A truly unique cowgirl gift that will instantly change the entire mood around the house.

22. Horseshoe for Protection Necklace

Horseshoe for Protection Necklace

Your cowgirl bestie can face the world bravely with this timeless symbol of safety and luck: the humble horseshoe. Aside from being suitable for a cowgirl aesthetic, this necklace offers a deeper meaning and purpose for its wearer. If you didn’t know already, horseshoes were believed to keep wicked fairies and goblins from entering the home. Nowadays, it remains a powerful token of protection for anyone going through a hard time. 

23. Horseshoe Heart Trivet

Horseshoe Heart Trivet

A horseshoe is both an iconic good luck symbol, and a reminder of a simpler, traditional way of life. For cowgirls who were grown around the farm, a horseshoe feels very close to their heart. This is why getting this horseshoe heart trivet can be a good cowgirl gift idea. It is a blend of practicality and beauty. It functions as a sturdy trivet, protecting wooden surfaces and countertops, but when not in use it is elegant enough to display on the walls for a touch of rustic romance. 

24. Reclaimed Horseshoe Wine Rack

Reclaimed Horseshoe Wine Rack

Among other unique cowgirl gifts, this horseshoe wine rack is certainly the winner. It is made out of real used horseshoes. It is nailed using shiny copper studs that give an interesting color touch to the design. This is the cowgirl gift that is both functional and decorative. It will spice up any farmhouse and rustic kitchen and surely will impress the guests.

25. Cow Print Candle

Cow Print Candle

We cannot have a list of cowgirl gifts without having some cow-related gifts on it. This cow print pattern is a great pick both as a standalone gift or as a gift basket filler. Featuring a hand-carved wooden dough bowl and hand-poured wax, each candle is then completed with hand-drawn black wax spots to mimic the cows. With a rich mahogany teakwood scent, this piece is a must-have for any cowgirl.

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What do you call a cowgirl?

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What did cowgirls Do?

Cowgirls do a lot of things that require specific talents and skill sets such as riding a horse, taking care of the farm, shooting, to harder activities such as roping and trick riding. In the older times, the term cowboys and cowgirls refer specifically to people employed to tend cattle or horses, hence their main focus would be working on the farm.

What is a true cowgirl?

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What are the characteristics of a cowgirl?

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