Credit Card Sized Survival Spear 

If you happen to be a survivalist or know someone who is, this Credit Card Sized Survival Spear is a must-have!

Anyone who loves gadgets will attest to the fact that they are rarely accessible when you need them the most. All they do is fill up your garage space and collect dust over the years.

But with this ingenious design, you can carry your spear with you everywhere you go without any inconvenience.

It comes in the dimensions of a credit card and will, therefore, fit in your wallet or any other space with ease, saving you both space and weight. 

Credit Card Sized Survival Spear

If having it in your pocket is still not your thing, the card has an adhesive strip that you can use to fix it on any surface or lid.

Credit Card Sized Survival Spear

The spear comprises three pieces, two of which combine to form a broadhead tip. Whether an impromptu hunting opportunity arises or any other situation requiring a spear, just whip it out and work your magic. 

Credit Card Sized Survival Spear

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