Depresso Coffee Mug

Bring a coffee lover’s dream to life with one of the funniest coffee mugs ever! 

If you happen to have a soft spot for coffee, you must be familiar with the dreaded feeling of realizing you are out of coffee. Well, this mug takes it to the next level giving this feeling a name and a whimsical definition.

“Depresso” is an innovative and self-explanatory word that has been the missing link in the coffee lovers’ vocabulary. This witty mug will certainly add some much-needed style and humorous touch to every coffee session. 

Get your daily dose of fun in this mug every morning and you will have lots of joy to share with the world around you.  

Depresso Coffee Mug

For the perfect start to every day, all you need is one of these funny mugs and everything else will fall into place! 

procaffinate Coffee Mug

Keep it to yourself or give it as a novelty gift to the coffee lover in your life.

Yawn coffee mug

See also the Procaffinate mug and Yawn coffee mug in images above.

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