Digitsole Smart Shoes

If you think you know how the shoes of the future look, think again. Ever since Marty McFly sported those Nike shoes in the future, we all became obsessed.

Nike even released a limited amount of shoes looking exactly like those iconic ones from “Back to the Future II”. But the shoes of the future we are going to talk about today are Digitsole Smart Shoes, the sneakers that will blow up your mind.

From all that talk about Marty McFly, you’ve probably guessed that these shoes are also self-tightening. It looks extremely cool and takes your mind off boring shoelaces to futuristic spaceship doors. 

Digitsole Smart Shoes

This is only the beginning. Because these are not just shoes, these are sleek stylish pieces of technology that adorn your feet.

Digitsoles combine smart technology with ultra-light technology. They can measure your pace, calories burnt, pronation, supination, impact force and more.

Digitsole Smart Shoes

These smart shoes can also analyze your posture and movement patterns giving you one of the fullest reports on the way you walk and move.

The collected data is sent to your smartphone with suggestions on how to fix your posture and prevent future injuries.

Digitsole Smart Shoes

If you are not big on tracking your stride and have never been a big fan of calories counters, we have only one word for you. Heating.

These shoes can keep your feet warm saving you from wearing several pairs of socks at once or freezing your toes off. They are also waterproof, so dry and warm feet sounds good enough for us.

Digitsole Smart Shoes

We often forget that shoes directly influence the well-being of our bodies. Instead, we choose those that either look good or feel good enough.

Well, with Digitsoles you won’t have to settle for either and go way beyond to the utmost comfort and amazing look. 

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