Edible Bubbles

Everyone loves bubbles. What’s not to love? They’re fun, shiny, they flow in the air and are just fun to make.

The only way to make them even better is to turn them into Edible Bubbles and chase them with your mouth as they are slowly descending towards you.

This fun product allows you to turn your favorite drinks into bubbles! The set comes with six bottles filled with non-toxic solution that is the key to making your drinks “bubbly”. Just add the chosen drink, whether it’s juice, soda, or maybe wine or champagne, to the solution, gently shake the bottle and you’re ready to blow.

It’s a great addition to a children party and can be a fun activity for adults, who want to give any party or gathering a cheerful tone.

You can even try to blow out bubbles from different bottles at once and make for a slightly different type of a cocktail party. 

Edible Bubbles

Edible Bubbles, six bottles in one package
Add your favorite drinks into the Edible Bubbles bottle

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