GMC Fully-Fortified Adventure Van 

If you thought the GMC Vandura could not get any better than the A-Team van (remember the TV series?), think again.

Yasid Oozeear, a London-based designer, took a 1983 and turned it into the ultimate Fully-Fortified Adventure Van.

To begin with, it sports massive off-road wheels as well as a lifted suspension giving it plenty of ground clearance.

On the roof, flood lights and a bulbar give it a menacing appearance. Tow hooks and a winch on the front end complete its trail-focused look. For additional durability, it comes with capped off turn signals.

Fully-Fortified Adventure Van

When you step inside, an interior roll cage readies it for any eventuality. A red interior, matte black grille frame and side mirrors to match add a touch of sophistication to the model.

Fully-Fortified Adventure Van

The red 5-spoke wheels also add to the overall aesthetic.

Fully-Fortified Adventure Van

Basically, if you are in search of an adventure van to get your mind off the Jeep Wrangler, you just found it.

Fully-Fortified Adventure Van

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