25 Inspirations Of The Best Gifts From New Orleans

New Orleans is one of America’s historic cities and known for its iconic parties, art, music, and delicacies. Being the hometown of one of the most iconic parties in the world, the Mardi Gras, you will find that visiting New Orleans is something that is enjoyable and worth remembering. So when you’re there, don’t forget to spare some time to pick up some souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones before going home.

A city known as the sin city, New Orleans has a long list of things to bring home as souvenirs and gifts. If you are currently looking for the most iconic gifts from New Orleans, check out 25 gift ideas for you to start with.

What Can You Only Get In New Orleans?

A city known as the sin city, New Orleans has a long list of things to bring home as souvenirs and gifts. If you are currently looking for the most iconic gifts from New Orleans, check out 25 gift ideas for you to start with.

What Is New Orleans Famous for Food?

To name a view, New Orleans famous food includes a creamy praline. It has been many people’s favorites for many years. New Orleans hot sauce is also famous around the globe for its original taste.

BEST Gifts from New Orleans – Our 4 Best Picks

New Orleans SnackOriginal SouvenirOriginal SpiceNew Orleans Drink
Aunt Sally’s CreamyNew Orleans Shot GlassSlap Ya Mama SauceCafe Du Monde Coffee
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1. Cafe Du Monde Coffee Bundle

Cafe Du Monde Coffee Bundle

Cafe Du Monde is definitely the most famous coffee brand in New Orleans, Louisiana. Established in 1862, Cafe Du Monde is the original French market coffee stand in the city, and if you’re looking for the perfect gifts from New Orleans for those who love coffee, this bundle of Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chicory and French Roast Coffee is the perfect pick.

2. Cafe Du Monde Coffee Color Mug

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Perfection means enjoying Cafe Du Monde legendary coffee using this Cafe Du Monde’s coffee mug that features vintage design in natural colors. You can also bring back the memories of sipping coffee and eating hot beignets at the Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans.

3. Mardi Gras Wristbands

Mardi Gras Wristbands

New Orleans is all about Mardi Gras and all the colorful accessories that come with it. As one of the most iconic carnivals in the world, your loved ones will be super thrilled to receive gifts related to Mardi Gras, including these Mardi Gras wristbands in the form of 8 multicolored silicone bracelets with Mardi Gras words full of positive messages. 

4. Aunt Sally’s Creamy Pralines 

Aunt Sally’s Creamy Original New Orleans Pralines 

Pralines are one of the delicacies of New Orleans that you must taste, and even better, to give to your loved ones. Aunt Sally’s Credle Pralines are one of the most recommended brands of pralines that offer two types of pralines, which are Creamy and Crunchy pralines. Definitely one of the best gifts from New Orleans.

5. New Orleans Shot Glass

New Orleans Louisiana Shot Glass

Did you know that New Orleans is also known to have some of the highest-quality drinks? Well, now that you know, you might want to consider giving this New Orleans Louisiana Shot glass as a gift for your loved ones. This glass contains classic New Orleans imagery, including jazz instruments and a steamboat.

6. New Orleans T-Shirt

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No image can describe New Orleans better than the Fleur de Lis, and this New Orleans t-shirt is the perfect t-shirt to be one of the best gifts from New Orleans that you can give to your friends or loved ones. This t-shirt works for both men and women, or even kids who love to wear a touch of New Orleans everyday.

7. New Orleans Jazz Music Multicolor Ceramic Souvenir Spoon

New Orleans Jazz Music Multicolor Ceramic Souvenir Spoon

If you’re currently looking for a sweet souvenir for a dear friend who loves New Orleans and music, this New Orleans jazz music multicolor swirls ceramic is the perfect choice. Made of high-quality ceramic, you will find that this item will be an adorable gift from New Orleans.

8. Fleur De Lis Metal Wine Stopper

Fleur De Lis Metal Wine Stopper

Being a unique gift from New Orleans, this Fleur De Lis wine stopper will be the perfect gift for your wine lover-friends, to keep their favorite wine preserved for days. This item also comes with a super cute Fleur De Lis charm, making it one of the most adorable gifts from New Orleans.

9. Slap Ya Mama Hot Sauce

Slap Ya mama All Natural Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

As you know, some of the world’s famous hot sauces originally came from New Orleans, so there’s no way for us to exclude hot sauces from this list of the best gifts from New Orleans. Our recommendation is the Slap Ya Mama Natural Louisiana style Hot Sauce as this product is made from all natural, and MSG free. This sauce’s blend has a true cajun flavor that anyone would love.

10. Bittermilk No.4 Rouge

Bittermilk No.4 New Orleans Style Old Fashioned Rouge

This bittermilk was originally made by New Orleans bartenders using real and high-quality ingredients, which is why this buttermilk is one of the best gifts from New Orleans. Each bottle of this Bittermilk No.4 can make about 17 cocktails.

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11. New Orleans Rubber Drink Coasters

New Orleans Rubber Drink Coasters

As one of the most historic cities in America, New Orleans has so many cultural aspects that makes the city more unique, including the iconic tile street signs that were perfectly captured and transformed into these sweet and unique New Orleans coaster. If you wish to give your lovely mom or wife a useful gift from New Orleans, these coasters are definitely the right choice.

12. Mardi Gras Party Decoration

Mardi Gras Party Decoration

Add a touch of Mardi Gras festival to any home with these unique and colorful Mardi Gras decorations. This item will be perfect for anyone who loves Mardi Gras, as they will have that feel of colorful carnival in their home every single moment.

13. New Orleans Oven Mitt

Artisan Owl New Orleans Iconic Food Logos Oven Mitt

Still searching for the best gift from New Orleans for a special mother or wife? This New Orleans Oven Mitt has all the right reasons for it. This unique oven mitt consists of all the iconic logos in New Orleans, and will definitely allow your Mother of Wife to cook in style.

14. Set of 3 Mardi Gras Souvenir Shot Glasses

Set of 3 New Orleans Street Sign Mardi Gras Souvenir Shot Glasses

If one shot glass is not enough, do not worry because we have this set of three shot glasses for you, that include unique images of Mardi Gras carnival elements. The set includes shot glasses, each representing French Quarter, Bourbon St, and New Orleans.

15. Mardi Gras Parade Pullover Hoodie

Mardi Gras King Fun Parade Pullover Hoodie

The Mardi Gras Carnival is one of the most important parts of New Orleans and no one will ever change that! As Mardi Gras is one of the most awaited carnivals, we can assure you that giving someone this unique Mardi Gras King Hoodie will bring out a feeling of Mardi Gras excitement.

16. Vintage Souvenir Cup and Saucer

gifts from new orleans

Founded in 1718, New Orleans is an old historic town with so many stories to tell to all of us, and these vintage New Orleans cup and saucer describe the iconic “Country french” designs that was popular back in the seventies, which makes them one of the best gifts from New Orleans.

17. New Orleans Water Meter

gifts from new orleans

If you ask us, this New Orleans Water Meter is definitely one of the most vintage and unique gifts from New Orleans. This piece of art is a perfect wall art, available with brass or silver colored lettering. Each piece is finished with clear and gloss polyethylene and ready to hang using provided adhesive hangers.

18. Mardi Gras Carnival Krewe Medallions

gifts from new orleans

Let your loved ones feel the excitement of the Mardi Gras festival from a far by giving them these Mardi Gras carnival krewe medallions. Each set includes six carnival krewe medallions in cute and bright colors. 

19. New Orleans Ashtray

gifts from new orleans

Looking for the perfect gifts for a friend who is a smoker can be a bit tricky. However, giving your friend a gift from New Orleans in the form of this unique Mardi Gras style ashtray is a great idea and we highly recommend this unique piece as it will be a nice addition to your friend’s home decoration. 

20. New Orleans Pralines

gifts from new orleans

We won’t mind having more pralines. The more the merrier, right? If we talk about these tasty looking pralines, we can almost be certain that your loved ones wouldn’t mind to get lots of delicious pralines as gifts from New Orleans, too. 

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21. New Orleans Mardi Gras Poster

gifts from new orleans

New Orleans is rich in amazing painted arts, as the city features beautiful landscape and amazing city view, especially since the city commits to preserve the old design of the city. One of the paintings that can be one of the best gifts from New Orleans is this Mardi Gras Poster. Not just describing the amazing colors of Mardi Gras, this art also shows the fact that New Orleans is the city of many jazz musicians.

22. New Orleans Spices

gifts from new orleans

These Nola spices present the authentic cajun creole food seasoning, making it a perfect gift from New Orleans for your dearest friends who love to spend their time making delicious meals in the kitchen. 

23. Mardi Gras King Kake Scented Candle

gifts from new orleans

These New Orleans scented candles were made to get anyone in the Mardi Gras mood since these candles smell just like a fresh New Orleans King cake. Handmade using 100% natural soy wax wick candles, each one contains natural oils and fragrance, free from harmful ingredients.

24. Vintage Beer Stein Salt and Pepper

gifts from new orleans

Bring a sweet vintage element of New Orleans to your loved one’s home with these New Orleans’ salt and pepper shakers. Made of high-quality ceramic, these items are definitely the best gifts from New Orleans that can take you back to the sixties as each item features the St. Louis Cathedral and dancing boy and girl on the back side.

25. Happy Mardi Gras Pillow

gifts from new orleans

Who can resist receiving this adorable Mardi Gras pillow as a gift from Now Orleans? This pillow is a statement of Mardi Gras pride and will also be the perfect companion for a short afternoon naps on the living room couch.

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