Hardcore Survivalist Hatchet

Your Zombie Apocalypse preparation kit is far from complete until you add one of these Hardcore Survivalist Hatchet.

It might resemble a hatchet but it offers the performance level of a full-size axe thanks to the use of ordnance steel for the head. 

Ordnance steel is the material normally used for cannon barrel parts. As such, the hatchet has an unparalleled toughness and incredible edge retention.

The hatchet is not all there is to this survivalist tool. It also has a blunt hammer edge with a unique recessed striking face, a patent of the Hardcore company. 

Hardcore Survivalist Hatchet

Moreover, its design also includes a built-in tent stake or nail puller.

The handle is made using American hickory wood. And since every piece is handmade, including the forging process and the woodwork, no two pieces look the same.

Hardcore Survivalist Hatchet

This makes it a great choice of gift for the weekend warrior in your life, the adventurer and the survivalist alike.

Weighing only 40oz and sold with a sheath for the head, it is the kind of tool you never have to leave behind. 

Hardcore Survivalist Hatchet
Hardcore Survivalist Hatchet

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