Venture 45 Hard Cooler

Whether you are looking to spend a weekend in the woods or take an off-grid fishing trip, the OtterBox Venture 45 Hard Cooler is a must-have.

With this innovative ice box in your expedition kit, you no longer have to worry about your provisions getting spoiled and running the fun.

A massive 45-quart interior allows you to stock up on up to two weeks of provisions. Under the right conditions, the box will keep ice intact for as long as a fortnight.

Built for the adventurers in the house, it features tough latches. These not only keep your contents securely contained, but it also keeps wildlife such as critters out. 

Venture 45 Hard Cooler

Convenience is another key aspect of its design, with high quality handles perfectly situated for easy carry. A slightly slanted interior makes it easy to drain when need arises.

And thanks to its rubber feet, the cooler remains precisely where you placed it. Additional features include a bottle opener and dry storage tray.

Built to match the toughest outdoor conditions, the cooler comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Venture 45 Hard Cooler

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