Homestar Planetarium

The Homestar Planetarium will literally bring a sky full of stars into your bedroom, making falling asleep an adventure you will look forward to.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to just lay down in the grass, look at the twinkling stars on a clear sky canvas and just drift off in peace?  Well, what if we told you that you can bring that same feeling into your bedroom?

It’s possible thanks to the Homestar Planetarium, a little sphere which will change going to sleep forever. This gadget is equipped with ultra-bright LEDs, able to project high-definition images on your ceiling. 


Homestar Planetarium

All you need to do is adjust the angle and focus to match your bedroom perfectly. Then you can input one of included projection discs and enjoy as 60 000 stars light up all around you, turning your room into an awesome planetarium. After that you can just lay down and admire the sky, slowly drifting off.

Homestar Planetarium

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The planetarium comes with some cool functions, such as falling stars, highlighted constellations, shut-off timer and even some astronomical background information.

The mentioned discs include all the stars visible in the Northern Hemisphere, rotating as the time goes on, just as in reality. 

Homestar Planetarium

It is a great solution for children, people who love astronomy, people who have trouble falling asleep or just the ones who love the stars but live in a big city, where star gazing is really limited.

Most importantly everytime you go to sleep you will be surrounded by amazing and ever-changing views, making each night unique and special and creating a peaceful environment for a good night’s sleep.

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