Motoped Pro Dirt Bike

The Motoped Pro dirt bike is the ultimate combo between mountain bike and motorcycle. It might seem like a product of your imagination but it is a real revolution to the regular bike.

The hybrid allows for seamless shifting between pedalling and motor powering for the modern city dweller. 

It comes equipped with an upgradeable 49cc engine that can get to 125cc if you need a bit more power.

The former offers 2bhp while the latter has around 7.8bhp. It can achieve up to 140mpg and top speeds of between 24mph and 38mph. 

Motoped Pro Dirt Bike

It is light enough to carry on your carrier-fitted vehicle, weighing only 123lb. The sturdy build features heavy duty wheels, a suspension and a down-hill bicycle frame.

The swing arm is the most amazing, with a single high-mounted shock that makes for lots of travel.

Motoped Pro Dirt Bike

You can easily switch from the highway to the sidewalk or park thanks to its unique design. With this marvel, you can beat traffic and get your exercises done with ease.

Motoped Pro Dirt Bike

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