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Munch Addict Snacks Subscription Box

Getting a Snacks Subscription Box is like reverse Halloween. Instead of dressing up and going from door to door in search of candy, you get to sit in your PJs and have delicious snacks delivered to your doorstep.

Every month you get a delivery of snacks. Depending on the size you choose, each box contains either 5 or 10 full-size snacks.

But what snacks exactly? It’s a mystery and that’s what makes this subscription box so interesting.

You can get the box for yourself or gift it to someone else. Your family, friends, or that co-worker who’s always complaining how hungry he (still) is.

Munch Addict Snacks Subscription Box

So if you’re looking to take your munching game to a new level, this is it. Instead of staring at the shelves in the nearest grocery store, the snacks come to you. Sweet, salty, sour. Anything your munchy soul desires.

Munch Addict Snacks Subscription Box

Munch Addict Snacks Subscription Box

Snacks Subscription Box

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