25 Gifts for Nintendo Lovers They Will Love

Nintendo is a popular game console that still exists after all these years. Even with the current development of mobile gaming, Nintendo still holds a special place in its player’s hearts. For Nintendo lovers, the system is the ultimate classic. It has shaped gamers’ identities since they were kids. This is why Nintendo still has a strong presence in the gaming industry.

The amount of exclusivity (e.g. games that are only launched exclusively for Nintendo) is also a factor that makes this game console loved. Another reason could be the fact that Nintendo keeps updating its console such as the portable Nintendo switch to compete in the mobile gaming era. You must know some people who really love Nintendo. If you want to give something meaningful and special to them, below is a list of gifts for Nintendo lovers you can get. 

1. Nintendo Switch BMO Dock

Nintendo Switch BMO Dock

A BMO stand is a charging dock for Nintendo Switch. It works as protective and sturdy sand to store and charge a Nintendo Switch console. This BMO dock is very cute with its pink pastel color. Perfect as a gift for Nintendo lovers that love the cute and pink aesthetics. Because of its portability, you can use it to power your device on the go. 

2. Switch Keyring for Nintendo Lovers

 Nintendo Switch Keyring

The Nintendo Switch keyring will be an appropriate gift for gamers. It is very trendy and will tell everyone about their love of Nintendo. This keyring looks very similar to the Switch console and will make a fun and quirky gift. It has the Animal Crossing design on the front side making it perfect as a gift for Nintendo lovers who love to play Animal Crossing. 

3. Nintendo Switch Game Cartridge Holder

Nintendo Switch Game Cartridge Holder

A gamer needs to keep their game cartridges well organized. This way, they can find the game they love easily. This cartridge holder comes in the Mario question block design. It’s a perfect gift for Nintendo lovers who love to play Mario. The box is 3D printed with PLA material that is biodegradable so they can feel good about the environment. Get this well-made box as a gift, and your Nintendo lover’s best friend will never lose a game. 

4. Gengar Switch Skin for Nintendo Lovers

Pokemon Gengar Nintendo Switch Skin

Getting a new skin is a way to make your Nintendo console stand out and be unique. This skin has a Pokemon Gengar design so it will be the perfect gift for Nintendo lovers. Especially those who play Pokemon a lot on their console. It is made out of high-quality vinyl that is residue-free. It also guarantees easy and neat installation. 

5. Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Switch Hard Case

Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Switch Hard Case

And if you want to get a real heavy-duty case, this hard case will do its best job to protect a Nintendo Switch console. It is a protective shell that will protect the Nintendo Switch even if you drop it. Its cool design makes it the perfect gift for Nintendo lovers who love to play Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity that is made for Nintendo. This hard case also comes with a matching dock for charging and storing when they do not use the console. 

6. Vintage Mug for Nintendo Lovers

Vintage Nintendo Power Mug

Gaming is hard and takes a lot of energy. Make sure your gamer friend gets their daily dose of caffeine with this awesome vintage Nintendo Power mug. An OG gamer knows the sentiments behind vintage video game consoles and this mug will throw them back to the good old days. It has Mario and Link on its prints making it the perfect gift for Nintendo lovers who love both Mario and The Legend of Zelda. 

7. Nintendo Switch Game Case

Nintendo Switch Game Case

Cartridges are fragile and can be broken easily. This is why a cartridge case is essential for Nintendo gamers. A high-quality cartridge case will keep their game in mint condition and perfectly safe. Even when they bring them to travel around or move. These cartridge cases are so cute with a bunch of different designs you can pick up such as Mario, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and much more. 

8. Golf Clubs Controller for Nintendo Lovers

Nintendo Golf Clubs Controller

These joy-con clubs are designed for Nintendo Switch Mario golf. The controller is perfectly installed in the racket making it easier to control. Its ergonomic design keeps the palm comfortable and enhances the real golfing experience when they play the game. These clubs will be a great gift for Nintendo lovers who enjoy playing Mario Golf in their spare time. 

9. Mario Tee for Nintendo Lovers

Mario Characters Graphic Tee

A simple graphic Mario t-shirt will also make a great gift for Nintendo lovers. With its high-quality and soft material, they can play games on Nintendo all day long comfortably. This t-shirt is special and will make any Mario lover very happy because it has every Mario character in it including Donkey Kong, the Mushroom, and of course the Mario brothers. 

10. Nintendo Switch PokeBall Plus

Nintendo Switch PokeBall Plus

Catching Pokemon will feel so much more fun and real with this Pokeball plus. This Pokeball can be used as a replacement for a joystick. Your friends or family will have so much fun catching Pokemons in the wild with this Pokeball. It works simply with a gentle throwing motion. Definitely a nice gift for Nintendo lovers who want to experience real adventure. 

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11. Nintendo Labo Variety Kit

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit

Want to bring the Nintendo experience to life? This Nintendo Labo kit is the perfect gift to get for Nintendo lovers no matter if they are kids or adults. It includes a set of pre-cut cardboard pieces they can use to build up to six toy-con projects. The cardboard toy can interact with Nintendo once it is attached to the joy-con controller. This kit will turn the Nintendo playing experience into a whole different level. 

12. Sakura Flower Thumb Grip Caps

Sakura Flower Thumb Grip Caps

These cute thumb grip caps will make a great gift for gamer girls who want to spice up their joy-con look. Forget basic caps, these cute caps take away the business from now on. Cute caps will make the gaming experience more fun and personal. It can even boost the gamer’s confidence to win more matches. 

13. Mario Glass Set for Nintendo Lovers

Super Mario Bros Glass Set

Super Mario Bros is a classic Nintendo game that every Nintendo lover must be obsessed with at some point in their life. Getting them a vintage Mario Bros-related item such as these glasses will bring back those old memories. These glasses will be a nice gift for Nintendo lovers who have played Nintendo since they were still kids. Very cute glass set for collection and is actually usable. 

14. Super Mario Bros Lamp

Super Mario Bros Lamp

Bring back the Mario Bros memories so close they can get it into their dreams? Why not? This retro lamp has the vintage Mario Bros design on its cap. And it doesn’t stop there. The switch actually comes in the shape of a retro Nintendo controller that will bring so much memory. It will be a nice side lamp in every Nintendo lover’s bedroom. 

15. Mini Charging Dock for Nintendo Lovers

Mini Charging Dock

Recharging their console is very important so they can keep playing and winning. This mini charging dock is so cute and comes in the iconic red and blue color matching the original Nintendo Switch joy-con color. Even though this dock is small, it is sturdy and can display the console nicely. Due to its compact size, you can carry it wherever you go.

16. Pikachu Joy-con Grip

Pikachu Joy-con Grip

Every gamer who loves Pokemon will be beyond happy to get this Pikachu joy-con grip. It has an easy-slide design that will secure the joy-con nicely. Furthermore, the lightweight and ergonomic design will make gaming feel more comfortable. The rubber material will help them to have a secure and comfortable grip so they can play cramp-free. It is the perfect joy-con grip to play at home or on the go.

17. Metal Game Case

Metal Game Case

This metal case is very sturdy and will protect their game cartridges in any situation. The outer case is made out of sturdy aluminum material while its inner part is made out of dense foam to protect the cartridges. It can store up to six games and will be a nice gift for Nintendo lovers who want to always have their favorite games in their pocket. 

18. PokeBall Thumb Grip Caps

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Customizing a joy-con better involves a Pokeball thumb grip cap. That’s the rule at least for Nintendo lovers who love to play Pokemon. The best part of these caps is that they match the red and blue color nicely as if they were meant to be the original caps. This little gift will bring a smile to any Nintendo lover’s face. 

19. Mario Kart Gift Set

 Mario Kart Gift Set

What can be a better gift for Nintendo lovers other than a gamer mystery pack? This pack includes a Gameboy-shaped notebook, a pair of socks, a canvas print of Yoshi, and a keychain. The box will make a Mario lover very happy for getting a bunch of collectible items in a box. 

20. Joy-con Cup Holder

 Joy-con Cup Holder

Getting thirsty while gaming? Say no more. This cup holder will make sure you have your favorite drink nicely served and keep you hydrated. Better of all, you can actually use it as an actual working joy-con grip. No more wasting time to turn your eyes off the screen to get your drinks because you can have it super close right in your hands. This will be the perfect gift for an avid Nintendo player. 

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21. Luigi Funlab Travel Case

Luigi Funlab Travel Case

Having to go on a trip doesn’t mean you have to leave your Nintendo at home. And to make sure that you can bring your favorite console and accessories safely, you need a heavy-duty reliable case. This case comes in a Luigi design. Very cute, indeed and will make a great gift for Nintendo lovers who travel a lot. It has different pouches and compartments to make sure they bring their console safely. 

22. Nintendo Switch Lite Enamel Pin

Nintendo Switch Lite Enamel Pin

This enamel pin comes in a Nintendo Lite design and will make a cute little gift for Nintendo lovers. They can attach the pin on their bags or other belongings and show off their love and pride in their favorite gaming console. This enamel pin is available in bright and sparkly colors that will be a great accessory for gamer girls. 

23. Super Mario Straw Tumbler

Super Mario Straw Tumbler

Using single-use cups is a big no and getting a reusable tumbler is the new way to go. This reusable tumbler will be a nice gift for Nintendo lovers since it comes with a retro Super Mario design. It even has Marion on its straw. They can get their water, coffee, juice, or other beverage ready nicely in this tumbler. 

24. Nintendo Gameboy Lighter

Nintendo Gameboy Lighter

Getting a gift for Nintendo lovers doesn’t necessarily mean you have to always get game-related accessories. A non-game-related item like a lighter will make a nice gift too. This flip lighter comes with a Nintendo Gameboy design engraved on its body. The engraved details ensure that the design will never fade. It will be a nice collectible item for Nintendo lovers who love to collect lighters. 

25. Personalized Gamer Glass

Personalized Gamer Glass

For an OG Nintendo gamer, it must be fun to have their character designed in a retro 8-bit style. This glassware will give you just that. It is a personalizable glass with custom characters and names. A set of these glasses will make a very nice gift for Nintendo lovers. They can also be used on a daily basis to accompany their busy gaming schedule. 

Final Thoughts

For a Nintendo games, there is nothing more relaxing than spending time playing with Nintendo after a long day. There are many choices of gifts for Nintendo lovers that will make a great statement about how they love their Nintendo. If you are about to gift your friend or family who happens to be a Nintendo lover, pick a gift that they can be used on a daily basis, which has the element of Nintendo on them. From Nintendo t-shirts to drinking glasses, we have it all and we think you will the things you are looking for on our list.

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What should I buy for Nintendo lovers?

You can buy them something that is actually useful such as a charging dock, skin, joy-con grip, or game cartridge case. You can also get them something that brings memories such as retro lamps or vintage mugs. Everything that is related to Nintendo or their favorite game on Nintendo will make them very happy. 

What are the best Nintendo gifts for adults?

Adults will appreciate the Nintendo travel cases. It is appropriate because adults tend to travel a lot whether it’s for job occasions or social occasions. If they like to bring their Nintendo with them, they need to bring them on a trip safely. A nice case that can hold the console and accessories safely is what they need. 

What are the best cute Nintendo gifts for Nintendo lovers?

There are a lot of cute gifts for Nintendo lovers you can think of such as cute charging docks, cute thumb grip caps, enamel pins, tumblers, and keyrings. You can also get them cute skins to protect their console in style. 

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