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Portable Self Sufficient Capsule House

Campers, environmentalists, fans of unique architecture and anyone who just wants to get away for a while in one of the coolest and sleekest portable homes on the market would absolutely love this portable self sufficient capsule house!

The capsule features everything you could need to be comfortable in a very tiny space.

There is a small kitchenette, a shower and a toilet, a fold-out bed, a small desk/table, and two storage areas, one of which is accessible from outside the capsule.

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Portable Self Sufficient Capsule House

portable self sufficient capsule

Self Sufficient Capsule House

The Portable Self Sufficient Capsule House receives its power from a built-in wind turbine and solar panels on the roof.

Complete off the grid living is easy with this cute little capsule house!

Portable Self Sufficient Capsule

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