LED Trampoline Lights

Ever tried moonwalking on a trampoline? With the LED trampoline lights, every jump feels like I’m dancing on a neon-lit moon! From sultry red moods to serene blue jumps, these lights turn my backyard into the hottest club in town. So, why wait for an invite to the moon when you can light up your night with these dazzling trampoline lights? Dive in, and let’s make the stars jealous! 

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The sun has clocked out, the moon’s clocked in, and you’re itching for some trampoline time. But who says the fun has to end when the daylight does?

Not me, and certainly not with these LED strip lights turning your trampoline into a nocturnal carnival!

Let’s dive into the technicolor world these lights offer. With a remote in hand, you’re like a wizard conjuring spells with 16 colors and 4 mesmerizing modes. FADE, JUMP, ASYN FADE, ASYN JUMP – sounds like a secret code, right?

But it’s just your trampoline, transforming into a disco under the stars. And the best part? You can orchestrate this light show from up to 16 ft away. Talk about power moves!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “All this jumping and jiving, won’t these lights take a beating?” Fear not, my nocturnal friend. These lights are cocooned in protective tubing tougher than a bodyguard.

Rain or shine, slam dunk or belly flop, they’re in it for the long haul. And with a sealed battery case, they’re practically invincible. Just remember to feed them three AA batteries, and they’ll light up your world, no sweat.


It’s a breeze. If you can tie a shoelace, you can set these up. Wrap the flexible strip around the rim, secure it with the zip ties included, and you’re ready to bounce into the limelight. The flexibility of these lights is like yoga for your trampoline – they’ll bend and shape to your every whim.

So, to all my fellow trampoline enthusiasts out there, if you’ve ever dreamt of turning your trampoline sessions into a luminous experience, the LED trampoline lights are your ticket to a magical night. Don’t just take my word for it.

Try it out, light up your jumps, and let every bounce be a radiant one!

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